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scratching posts

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My boy likes the tall vertical scratching posts but the problems I have encountered is that the bases are never have wide enough a base and when he hangs there trying to use them he and the scratching post usually takes a tumble. Bought a horizontal one but he is not too thrilled. Any recommendations where I can find one that doesn't go falls over?
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You can look and see what www.cattrees.com has. They have some pretty big and sturdy ones. The more weight throughout the better. I have found the very best way to keep the really tall ones from rocking and tipping is to set them in the corner of the room somewhere. You can kind of see in this pic how I have it sitting in the corner.
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I have also seen scratching posts that hang on a doorknob. I am thinking of getting one to try it out with my guys.
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Tried the kind that hangs on the door but no interest - even showed hm how to use it.
Now it is on the floor and he pushes it around while playing - oh well! Hope you have better luck cause they are a very good idea!
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Try this site. I just bought one of their big cat trees and it is GREAT!! The page marked below is for one level trees and scratching posts.

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Hello lotsocats,
I visited the page you mentioned in your post and fell in love with the 6ft cactus
I would add the bed too and with the fees for shipping WOW!
Since it would be an expensive purchase.
My question to you is, are you pleased with the quality of the furniture?
Any info you could give me from your purchase would help me out. Thanks...

Sandie: What a beautiful cat!!

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Loretta, The cat tree is wonderful!!! Ours is 6 feet tall and incredibly sturdy. I think even I could leap on top and it wouldn't wobble! In fact, the shipper said that the tree weighed over 200 pounds - so there is no way it will tip over. Also, the perches are very sturdy and well done. I think this tree will be around for the next 100 years! So, even though we paid twice what we would have paid for a tree at petsmart, this one will last, it looks much better, and it won't fall over even when our 15 pound cat leaps on or from it. It has been well worth the expense (but it was expensive!).

We bought one of the rustic trees and the cats have really liked having real tree limbs to scratch and climb. Since our cats like sisal rope, we got one leg covered with sisal, but all the other supports are real tree limbs, with the bark still on them. It is way too cool!

The rustic trees are on this page
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thanks for the info...
I want to get the cactus 6ft with the bed on top and of course the cat and moon motif..my apt is southwestern decor so it would go nicely!
The way my cat is always up on high places
to nap I think he would like this...
I wonder if I could have the rope added to one of the perches???
It is expensive but I think it would be worth it for my cat..
the shipping alone is what cost so much!
I guess if it weighs a lot I can see why.
I am so excited now!!

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