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Question about my username ?

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Hey all, I didn't want to cause any trouble, so I thought that I'd ask. I have succeeded in getting my hubby (Charlie) hooked on TCS, which I happen to think is great. But my question is, do you guys have any problem with him using my username and such to post, as long as we sign our posts so you know which one of us is responsible? We have one of those relationships where whats mine is his and whats his is mine, we work together and are with each other 24/7, so we really did become "as one" when we married ! If anyone has any trouble with this, let me know and I'll set him up an account of his own, but this way we don't have to login/loqout everytime.
BTW, if you see KittenKrazy surfing and not on MSN, it's him and not me, he doesn't chat.
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I don't know--a mod would be the one to answer this question. Wish I could help.
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It would be just as easy (and less confusing to all) if he simply registered and had his own user name. We have a few married couples on board (like 2 of our mods, Sandie and Imagyne), and it's nice for each user have have his/her own identity.
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We don't have any official policy regarding sharing of accounts. BUT having said that, in the past we have noticed there is much less confusion when you have your own user names. Some people won't pay attention to the signatures, and confusion tends to ensue.

If you do decide to share one, then that is up to you. But I strongly urge you to set up an account for each of you.
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