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Hes arrived

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..... and one becomes two, Kevin becomes complete again.

hes stunning and I will try and send some photos in the next day or so for you all. Right now hes having some quiet time on his own.

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Congradulations DAD! It's a boy

What's his name????
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Thomas - soft - cute - furry and a little and understandably wary. Hes having a nap - it will take him a while to settle which is understandable - however, hes stunning.

with a cat that has longer hair than dad!
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Would not expect other wise. .and *ROFLOL* longer hair than dad!!

Can't wait to see pics of Thomas!!!!!!!
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What does this little man look like? How old is he? etc???

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Congratulations on the new arrival Kev! I can't wait to see pictures of him.
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Congratulaions Kev We want pictures!
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Congrats!! Can't wait to see and get to know Thomas!
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Yes, yes pictures please! Congratulations, it just isn't home unless there are a couple of furkids running around.
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my congrats on your new sweety pie
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Congrats!!! Lets see some pics
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congrats Kev! Can't wait to see Thomas!
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Congrats!! I am so happy for you, Kev!
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Congrats! I can't wait to see pics of Thomas!
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Cant wait to see pics
what breed is he? I must have missed that.
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Congrats, Kev! Can't wait to see pics either.
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Congrats!!! Glad you have another furbaby to come home to every day.
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I wanna see!!!!!!!!!!! *jumping up and down and screaming in delight*
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Congratulations Daddy! Pics of Thomas, please.
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Congrats Kev.. I'm more than excited for you I'm thrilled.. I can't wait to see pictures.
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I love that 'Bonding' time with them!.

Can't wait to see him

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I am so glad you got another kitty. I know you were in need Also, like everyone else, waiting patiently for pictures.
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this is great ! cant wait to see pics
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Yeah kev! How does Christopher feel being a "big brother"?

Can't wait for Thomas stories.
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So you made it through the week! Congratulations. Hope he settles in quickly.
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First - my apologies that have had no chance to take any photos as I was at work early this am, the network has been down - poss due to the adverse weather and I have only just got in from putting an alarm in for someone for free. was quoted £300- cost him nothing bar two cups of coffee to keep me topped up.

Anyway, thomas is stunning, is black and white - tiny white socks, the rest is jet black and he has more fur on his body than I could imagine. hes a long haired chap and has eyes that are like looking at an eclipse with the sun in the back and black in the front.

He is very, very timid and scared and nervous. Have never seen a cat like this - however, we are letting him be for a while and enjoying the quiet. Question - will he settle down as have never met a cat so nervy - he was originally a rescue and was then spoilt. Am now spoiling again but hes not responding that much.

Hes not eaten or used his litter tray either - is it just a case of getting settled ? Is it too early days - new noises and new environment?

I am gonna leave it for tonight - I really am tired and have been on the go since 4am - a further early morning meeting tomorrow means a very large lack of sleep for me - good night you lot and have a good one.

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His picture is now in the pictures forum here
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He's gorgeous!
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Well I guess hes decided this place aint that bad after all- this decision came at 1.42 this morning when I was woke with a pain to my nose and a huge purring noise. He is a serious head butter I can tell you. I have been subjected to the nxet three hours of"if you dont fuss me I am gonna keep you awake" and hes done that anyway. Suddenly his nerves have gone and replaced with an incredibly affectionate cat.
Its now 6.25am - am off to work, together with sore nose, very tired head and body and unsure how am gonna make it till nigh on 22.00 tonight.
my nose still hurts!!!
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