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Special recipes to share?

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Ok.... my girlfriend and I are a disaster when it comes to the kitchen. We once set the kitchen on fire! And we do not like cooking... but we do like eating so cooking is an unwanted thing you have to go through.

I have got a recipe from Puerto Rico:

Tembleque is a candy which trembles like Jello but is made of Coconut milk, and it is recommended that you sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top of it. Very popular on the holidays:

4 cups coconut milk (only the old timers make the milk out of the dry coconut, nowadays it comes canned, labeled as coconut milk)

1 cup of sugar

half cup of cornstarch

one teaspoon of vanilla

powdered cinnamon


In a large pot mix the coconut milk, sugar and vanilla, Have it on the stove a while.

Leave it to cool a bit and add the cornstarch until it dissolves into the mix.

Cook on medium heat stirring constantly until it hardens. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Serve on dessert platters and leave it to cool in the fridge.

Before serving sprinkle some cinnamon into it.

Its delicious.

Have you people got any recipes? Got a good one for Chili? In Puerto Rico we are lovers of spices and condiments, so testing out Chili is attracting me. I got that recipe from a cooking site in Spanish, when I find one in English I will give you people the URL.
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The members of TheCatSite have put together a cookbook full of our favorite recipes, named "Cooking with Cattitude."

You can read more about it in this thread.

Donations for the cookbook are given to the Cat Welfare Society of Isreal.

Click here for a link to the Meowhoo.com page that describes the cookbook.
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That is great! Nifty way to assemble the money! I will see if I can make the donation... my parents (specially my father) are a bit paranoid about Credit Cards on the web.

Anyway... I guess there is no problem with sharing a few extra recipes, no? It would even help for the idea of in the future making a volume two of the Cooking with Cattitude, if you people ever do tell me because at my house we have got a truck load of recipes.
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yoviher - that sounds so yummy! I'll definately have a go at making it.

These are my favourites, especially when they're hot.

Welsh Cakes.


1lb self-raising flour.
8oz butter or good quality margarine
8oz granulated sugar, and a small amount of caster sugar to serve
8oz currants
Teaspoon of mixed spice
Half teaspoon salt
2 large eggs and a drop of milk

Rub the butter and flour together until crumbly and then add all the other ingredients except the eggs and milk.

Mix thoroughly, and then add the eggs.

Add the milk slowly while mixing, to get the right consistency.

The mix should not be too sticky as it is difficult to roll.

Roll out - not too thin, a bit less than a quarter of an inch - and cut into rounds about 2" across.

Cook on a griddle or hot plate and turn once when brown. Dust with a little caster sugar to serve.

I got the recipe from the

Wales Wide Web site there are a few other recipes on there. My grandma used to make the BEST welsh cakes, I have her recipe somewhere but couldn't lay may hands on it to post.
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Oh they all sound lovely, but knowing my luck it would go straight on to my hips!!.

But one would go lovely with my coffee right now! yum yum yum yum!

Jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans!!!!

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yoviher, thank you for the recipe I have never heard of it but it sounds so good .So I am going to try it. You can find alot of recipes on line. foodnet work. one of my favorites... they list like 30 different cooking shows along with the recipe....thanks again Ava...
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Thanks for the comments!

jeeperscat, that sounds delicious... but what is currant?

I will see if I can find other recipes.
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Victor, i know a raisin is a shrivelled up grape, so i would imagine something similar?!.
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Any sort of dried fruit should be okay, currants, raisins, sultanas. The food facts website says:

Dried currants are actually small raisins - the dried fruit of the Zante grape, originally from Corinth, Greece.

Hope that helps.
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