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Give AP a "Permanent" Name. . . .

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Air Princess Has reached the 1200+ Posts Level.

CONGRAT(D)ULATIONS, Colby ! ! ! ! ! That's a lot of "typing" (not to mention "thinking"
BUT let's NOT go "there. . . )


Now, I am SURE she would love suggestions from all of us on what we feel her "Permanent Name" should be!
Remember it will be "Hers Alone" and should reflect her dynamic, unique personality. . . . . For the sake of brevity; I would say to limit your suggestions to 3. Here are mine: "Heartbreaker" "Prowlin' Princess"
and "Airwave Waif" (on short notice-subject to edit at any time. . . . . . ) :splitter:

Again I say, C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S, Girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OOOOH! Congrats AP! 3LK I really love the "Prowlin Princess" one! I'm horrible with coming up with things like this.. so give me time and I'll try.. no promises though!
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Cassie; You just take All the Time You Need. . . . I know you can come up with some much "cuter ones" than I did.:pinky:
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3LK! you shouldn't have! and I'm trying to get sober...

aww shucks, I'll stay and have one.. or two, or..

I have a suggestion for my new name, how about Blabbermouth?!?!?
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Congrats AP!

Sorry I'm no good with names, so I'm no help there. Actually, my husband has named both our children and all of our pets. Pretty sad, huh?

But I'm sure we have some creative folks here that'll have some great suggestions!
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How about "Attitude Cat"?
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ColbyOneKanobi is cute!

Deb, that wasn't very nice...I'm not sure you're suitable to be a teacher!
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Oh AP Congrats!!!!!
ColbyOneKanobi is really cute indeed but should you really change Airprincess???
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Winged Goddess?
Prowlin' Princess is also my favorite!
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I have to is now 8 pm, and BB2 is starting....but I couldn't go offline without answering this thread.....

I think Prowling Princess is PURRFECT for you!!!!!

Something with Princess in it!!!! Or how about....

Cat Princess?

Gotta go...bb2 awaits!!
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is it a bit redundant for my handle to be airprincess, and then instead of top cat to be called something princess?

I'm not saying that it is, it's just a thought.
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Not redundent to me, just my opinion, but we all know and love you by the "princess" name.....but if you want a total change....then you should do what you want....we will still you!!

Whatever you want, hun!!!!
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hey Debby,

here's an idea,

how about 'Rude Cat'
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You know AP, the title of Rude cat really fits

How bout CrackerBarrel Cat or Scat Cat or Lap Cat
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Or how about "Drama Queen Cat?" That would be in keeping with the whole Airprincess gig you've got going on.
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I wouldn't repeat the princess as it would come out:

Something princess

I would keep the cat motive in - something cat/kitty/kat etc., though you don't have to of course. How about "Royal Cat" or "Cat with a Crown" or something like that that would complement the user name?
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I too was afraid it would look redundant with 2 princess lines.

I like the idea of tying in a royality thing,

Hey, Deb25, I know, I can be homecoming queen!
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1. Queen Cat
2. Royal Cat
3. Majestic Cat
4. Monarch Cat

Those are my theme-related suggestions for this hour.
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Here are a few suggestions for an Air Princess title:

Cosmic Cat — A passport to the universe.

Cat at Large — Go anywhere, do anything.

Cat Who Must be Obeyed — Or else.

Riot Grrrl Cat — I bite.

Cat About Town — Taxi!


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Here goes:

Her Royal Cattiness?

Uh, that's it. Took me this long just to think of the one.
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Or Sonic Cat?
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Cat at large - 'cause you are everywhere AP!
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I think Debra Myers has got something there!
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