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I am currently a member of APARN (Arizona Pug Adoption And Rescue Network). We have recently been showing dogs for adoption every Sunday at the Mesa Petco from 1pm-3pm. Unfortunately we are having to go down to only one Sunday a month (the second of each month).
The reason that I am writing this is because Petco is very eager to have adoption days more than once a month. They would like to have at least a week. If your organization would be interested it is a great way to help find forever homes for your dogs as well as build awareness for your organization. If you would be interested you can either contact myself at:
Or contact Dris (the manager at Petco):
2027 E. UNIVERSITY. MESA , AZ 85203. (480)-827-1187.
I would love to see more homeless dogs having the oportunity to find homes in addition to our little pugs.