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2 more Simba portraits

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someone stop me -- I can't stop taking pics!

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Amy I love that second shot! Simba is so cute, and your pictures really are amazing.
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Quick turn around so I can come in there and catnap Simba What a handsome baby.
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Simba sure is a Beautiful Kitty!!
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Great pics
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He's so cute. Just wanna kiss his little nose
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Wow Simba sure is gorgeous! .and you are one heck of a photographer- I'am so jealous..
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What a sweetie! I want to hug him.
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She is so adorable!!! More pics! More pics!
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Your Simba is adorable, I love your orange cat. What kind of camera did you use? Really nice..
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The camera is a Panasonic FZ10 4MP digital. Thanks for the compliments! He is a cutie!
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Wow those are great pictures, Simba is so photogenic!!
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NOW WHY would we want to stop you? Hugs to that gorgeous hunk of a cat!
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WOW Simba is GORGEOUS!!!
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VERY cute pics, he looks like such a sweetie pie! I need to get a good camera like that
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Originally posted by
someone stop me -- I can't stop taking pics!
...and why would you? He's so photogenic, and you take such great shots! Keep it up!
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Great pics!!! I think it's not only the cat's cuteness that makes it great, it's also an experienced photographer.
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Awwwwww, he's a beauty!
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I showed meow meow simba's pic and she went looking behind the monitor looking for him!! LMAO!
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Awesome cat! He looks like my Peanut, take a look!
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Here is another shot. The pictures don't come out as well when I shrink them. I just thought Simba looked a lot like Peanut!
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Makes me think my Tiger will look almost like that when he fully grows up!
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gorgeous! I love his color.
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I can't believe I missed this thread, SIMBA IS GORGEOUS! What amazing photos. I'm sooo jelous *starts searching for your threads*

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Thanks for the compliments! Wow, Peanut does look alot like Simba!!
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