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new cat vs. old--ignoring mom

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I was put on the spot this morning by my landlord who had another tenant abandon their cat when they moved (a week or so ago) but the cat was found today and brought to me. I was assured that the cat has been to the vet regularly and all that so I took her in. Not knowing any better, I dumped my cat (Sam) who I've had almost 8 months now and the new cat (Sally) appx the same age as Sam together in the living room, watched them for a bit and all seemed ok...
MY CAT IS IGNORING ME NOW!!!!! He is much more pleased with his new friend and wants nothing to do with me. This is the first time I have ever merged two cats and have not a clue what to expect.
Finally to my question here..
Is it normal for the "original" cat to become so anti social and will he stop being so when the new has worn off the new kitty?
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I think you are one of the few that can drop a new cat into a room and have them instantly bond! Congratulations on that!!!

Give the situation a few days. Both cats are adjusting to each other and if they are that friendly to each other, rejoice in that. Your other kitty will come back for snuggles as soon as the newness of the newcomer wears off.
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He isn't being anti social, cats are very social with their own kind and he is content now that he has a buddy that he can relate to better.

Good for you for rescuing this one, I hope they were on the up and up about his vet visits. I would at least ask for the name of the vet and give the vet's office a call- just to be safe.

he'll come back to you eventually, right now there is a much more exciting friend to play with.
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Thanks alot I feel better now since I woke up to the both of them laying on my head this morning. I did take Sally to my vet this morning and all is well except she has had a fracture to her back leg that went untreated. (people that have animals and don't take care of them really irritate me) I was given several options: leave it be, splint it and hope it will heal the rest of the way, rebreak and set it or amputate.
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I'm so pleased that they've bonded!.

The reason that i've only got the one,is because i'd hate to lose Rosies affection.

Saying that mind, i was playing with the idea of getting another one only last week while she's still young, but convinced myself not to!, now i'm thinking again!.



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Your old kitty will love you again.. he is just excited about the new friend right now

Sorry to hear about the fractured leg.. hmm I would probably either leave it, or splint it.. but if its not causing the cat pain I'd leave it. Can the cat walk on it ok?
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I'm glad they are getting along well too! Where one is the other can be found. When Sally first came in they fluffed up and batted at one another, hissing and such for about 10 minutes--if that long. Now they just sit around the corner and bat at one another then chase each other around the house so I am assuming they are playing since they arent howling or hurting each other. Then they curl up together on any given piece of furniture and sleep.
We have a few "issues" that we are working on as I'm writing this. (I'm working on clearing all tables and shelves of breakables)
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She walks a bit limpish, not really a full limp, but walks as though something isnt right. Its her right hind leg and the foot is turned out somewhat and I've noticed that she pulls it up when she jumps off of anywhere.
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Congrats on the instant love between the two!! WOW!

Don't worry. Kitty will come round. He just has a new buddy that understands him better than you (not personal - your just a human). They will come around.

Or you may have to get a third to get attention!!! (Kidding! But not a bad idea.)
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LOL...They are getting along wonderfully now and I am happy. Sam is coming around a bit more and not acting so standoffish as he was so that makes me feel lots better. He is my baby and I would hate for him to think I didnt love him anymore because I brought another cat in the house. As for a 3rd cat, I have considered it, but I dont think I could afford another one right now, between vet visits, food, litter, time, energy and effort..However, if another one came along under similar circumstances as Sally-girl did, I would work it out
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I'm so happy they are getting along and not ignoring you anymore. That is great! It so true when you bring in a new cat, you have to remember to give more love to the one that is there first. I started with one cat, then added another. A few months ago I went to pick up a third from a rescue org and came home with two!! That was hard for a long time, trying to give everyone attention - yikes. But happily they are all getting along now and all still love me! =)

The reason I suggested getting a third was because I had a friend whose two cats were so inseparable that she never got any attention until she brought home a third cat - hoping one would at one time want to cuddle/play with her. =) It worked for her.

I do know the cost adds up!!

Proud Mom to four - Dorina
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I made sure I gave Sam lots of extra TLC, but the first two days I would about cry because he was totally shunning me. I would reach out to pet him and he would smack my hand away. Sam is my baby and I dont know what I would do if something happened to him. lol, I used to roll my eyes at people who treated their animals like their kids until I got him. Now Im calling home to talk to him on the answering machine and leaving detailed notes (complete with drawings) of how to feed him, how his dishes are to be arranged, etc when we go out of town for the weekend and calling to nag at the person in charge of how to talk to him and making sure they didnt let him out when they leave. Of course now that we have Sally I have to spend twice as much time writing and drawing for her too. My mom was here yesterday and said those cats of mine are ruined because they are so spoiled rotten lol.
I may take on another this summer, after Sally is spayed and all are good on their checkups for the year. My aunt works at the Humane Society and is forever bringing the cats and dogs home when they are running out of time. Then she will take them back a few days later so they start their time over. So I could take one that no one else wants. I would rather do that than to adopt a kitten from someone who has the free kitty ads.
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That's great news that you are bonding with your kitty again. I remeber when I brought Tigger home from the shelter...My older cat Rein wouldn't have anything to do with either of us. It actually took her about a year before she would come and sit on my lap again. I think what's really helped though is when I moved in with my husband, he really loves Rein and showers her with affection so she doesn't feel left out anymore.
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I so know the feeling. When I came home each time with another cat my first cat would be peeved, hide, not come near me. I'm not sure if she thought "Am I gone?" I could never do that, once they are here--they are here forever.

All of my kitties have been rescues. They are most affectionate, they know that they were in a cage =( and now they have a good home =) Plus, rescue orgs take care in adopting out their pets to make sure that they are getting a home which will adore and love them forever. I like that - I like knowing these people love animals as much as I do.

Hugs n Purrs, Dorina
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I would love to take every homeless animal into my house, doesnt matter if its a cat or dog. If it were up to me, I would have a housefull of animals. I love the animals that come from a shelter because they are soooooo loving and you know they know where they were headed and they are so glad to have someone who loves them. I applied for a job at the Humane Society here a few weeks ago, but because my aunt works there they cant hire me. (something about no families working together clause) I would really like to get into a job of rescuing animals, but until my aunt quits I have to just keep on setting out food for all the strays around here.
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