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Someone who knows Russian can help me?

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I have been having problems accesing the smilie site that I reccomended a few days ago. It gives me a message and some numbers. The problem is that the message is in Russian and I don't know a word of Russian. Can someone help me by saying what is that it says in the message?

I have got the message here:
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I believe White Tiger is russian - perhaps PM him?
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You could also try PMing Russian blue kitten, I remember seeing a post recently where she said she's originally from Russia.
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Grrr I got the same image!

*several minuets later*

Well that was fun and kinda odd...I did some yahoo searches and found a free site that has a translator. I typed:
"âñåì ïðèâåò
äåÃ:censor:üãè ìîæÃ:censor:î ñëÃ:censor:òü Ã:censor:Ã:censor:
with the virtual keyboard tool and got:

"All greetings
Money it is possible to send on

"to all regards of money can be sent on Z420797331935"

Sofar that's all I figured out...what it means..who knows.
im gonna attempt more tommorow if im not busy...this has got me curious... i love languages and a good mystery!
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Ok, you find it out... I will PM Snow Leopard with a URL link to this post so she can read it. If anybody else knows Russian please tell me what it says.

Curious... Let me see if I can try traducing it to Spanish. Once I've got it in either Spanish or English I can see what it says.

Could it be that the guy is sending some kind of greetings ad charging money or donations? And if so what does does numbers mean?

Good mistery thought!
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you know.. i really think that the string of numbers mean an account numbers... the first alphabet means the kind of account maybe? cos I heard they have the K and the N account for foreigners... so maybe this is the account number?

I dunno.. just my guess..
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That is what I thought a a while since yesterday... what is the string of numbers that you can send money to? A bank account number. Of course he never mentions what bank... Or a Credit Card number?

Unless of course, he didn't mean to mention detailed info, that he wanted to give a message to someone in particular who already knows the general affair of it and he used his website for it.

Curious thing...

Anyway, I do not like it since I can't access my favorite smilies.
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It's entirely possible that he's run out of money to keep the website up, and pay for the bandwidth being used, and he's now shut down the smilies until he can raise enough money to get the site back up? Just a guess, though.
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