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Russian Blue Question

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I wasn't sure where to post this but I figured Breeders corner would be appropriate even though I am not a breeder. I am very interested in breed particulars. I especially have an interest in Russian Blues (it is possible that my baby Toonces is a Russian). I hadn't heard of the bread until the vet mentioned he thought she might be a Russian Blue. So, I started researching the breed. One of the flaws that some of the research mentioned was the green eyes. It said that if the eyes were not a vivid green then the cat would not show well. Well, I would say that Toonces is 100% Russian Blue but according to the research I have done all Russian Blues have pink paw pads and hers are grey and her eyes are green but not the vivid emerald green. In all the research I have read only one source mentioned the pink paw pads - does anyone know any information about the paw pad color for a Russian Blue? Also, if she isn't really a Russian Blue, what would be the likely hood of her having nearly 100% of the characteristics if she were a mix?
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Here's a few excerts from the AACE standard for Rusiian Blue's.

General: "The truest criterion is it's soft, lustrous bright blue double coat. Handling a RB is like running a silk scarf through your hands."

Eyes: "Cats who's eyes are not completely vivid green should be penalized" This would be worth up to 10 points, and when you consider that cats are sometimes seperated by less than a point when judged, you can see how important it is.

Color: "Nose leather is charcoal gray, body skin is pale blue and pads are a rosey flesh pink"

You can read the entire Russian BLue AACE Standard here:

AACE Russian Blue Standard
Im pretty sure that the TICA standard is very similar also.

As for it being a mix and still retaining the appearance of a RB, the chances are good, although rare to have a mix that would meet a standard so completely. But if it is a mix, and if it does meet the standard, you couldn't show it anyway as a purebreed, as you must list the pedigree when you register it. Most, if not all, association don't allow ANY outcrosses to any other breed.

Hope that helps...

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Actually that does help. Her fur is oh so soft with her double coat - it takes me forever to get her coat completely soaked when I am washing her. Oh I would never try to show her (no pedigree) but I have just been so interested (and amazed) on her being a mix and retaining so much of the RB characteristics. Thanks!
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I adopted a kitten from a local animal shelter last week who also appears to be a russian blue. He has the rosy paw pads and that beautiful blue color that you usually just don't find with mixed breed cats. He makes our other cat who is charcoal grey with yellow eyes look pretty dull. It's not impossible to find a cat without a pedigree who has the physical characteristics of a purebred, so congratulations on your little blue treasure.
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