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Hey everyone!! It has been forever since I have been here it seems..3 months has it been that already??? Well...I just have to say that we have added 2 more additions to the cat kids here so now I am a mommy to 4 kids and 4 kitties...
They are 2 little females that are litter mates...I planned on only getting 1, but I couldn't seperate them, so I thought, what the heck, why not and I had my sd do alot of begging too, but their names are Molly and Amy and they are brown tabbies just like Rocky is...except 1 has white feet..Rocky is so very sweet with them and wants to mother them, but Fluffy on the other hand has hissed a little at me since she smells the scent of them, and keeps her distance from them most of the time....They pretty much stay under my bed most of the time so far, but it has only been 4 days now since they have been home with us.....anyway.....I am at work, and I have to boogy now...I am going to check out the boards now....I will try and pop in every once in a while...Nice to be here!
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OMG, It's so good to see you on here, We have all been so worried.. I hope you and the kids are alright. Congrats on the new additions.

Hope to see you round more often!
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Kathy!! Great to see you again!!

Congrats on the new babies.
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OMG!!! Kathy!! How are you girl? I have been thinking about you so much recently so glad to see you again!
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Hi Kathy!!!!!! Congrats on your new furbabies! Pics please
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Hi Kathy! It's so good to see you posting! And congratulations on the new additions! Hope we get to see you around a little more again.
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Congratulations on the new kittens Kathy, and it's good to have you here again!
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Kathy! You've been missed! Good to see you again! I sure hope you and those gorgeous kids are all doing well and healthy.

Congrats on the new additions to the family!
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Hello Kathy.... Nice to see You.
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Hey Kathy! Nice to see you again!!
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EEP!! I have missed ya!! Congrats on the new kitties!
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Kathy, we've missed you! I am so glad to see you back here! Congrats on the new additions. Sending you a bug HUG!!!!
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Congrats on the new kittens and its really nice to see you back!
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Whoa...I just can't believe it! We were just chatting about you the other day & was hoping that you were ok! I'd love to know whats been happening with we'll have chit chat, ok?

Take care & congrats on the new arrivals!
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Welcome back , it is so nice to see you here again
My congrats on your 2 new kitties , they sound very pretty to me .
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Welcome back Kathy!
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Welcome back! It seems like ages since you last posted, Kathy. Congratulations on the new additions to the family.
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