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Dusty Cat

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My Frantic loves to roll in the dust and dirt. Last night I went into the cellar to do laundry and he followed me. He found a dusty corner behind the furnace and ROOOOOOOLLLLLEEED! When he came up, my black cat was grey.

I tried brushing him, even using a wet washcloth, to clean him. He's got this dust thru to his skin. Short of turning him over and shaking him like a dustmop, how do I get him clean?? I don't think he'll sit still for a bath.


Ps...I"ve checked his skin. Its healthy with no weird looking patched that might be itchy.
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Try rubbing him down with cornstarch and then brushing/combing out the cornstarch. That just might do the trick!
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I have to laugh. My kitty Princess, who is also black, loves to do this too! Especially outside. It's not too uncommon to see one side of her body disty or grey with a few pine needles thrown in for good measure.
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At least all of your cats just roll in dust. My silly cat - Tiger, likes to roll in the litter box when it has just been cleaned. Good grief! And when I say "Tiger!", he runs out fast.
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When I take my cats out side for a vist they love to roll in the sand or scratch there backs on the sidewalk where there is dirt. Agood brushing and there set to go....
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Would love to see a picture of all your cats after their little roll arounds

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You can get a 'washing' cloth from pet stores etc. The ones over here are called 'Grubby Cat' wipes. Saves all the fuss of a bath and does work
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I've been brushing him every time I can grab him. He'll sit still for about 5 minutes of brushing, then he fusses. It took about 2 days, but he is finally clean. Since I'm only in the cellar a few times a week, this will last till at least Monday.


PS...I'm going to look for the wash cloths in Petsmart. Since its 20* outside, I'm trying to avoid getting him soaking wet.
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