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Trapping in a parking lot

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Hello Everyone,
I have trapped ferals in my yard with no problem. My problem is the best way to trap in a Parking Lot, Walmart to be exact. Yesterday afternoon going into Walmart I see what looks to be a kitten looking at me from under a car, maybe 4 months old. I go into Walmart found an empty box, got a can of cat food and went out in the parking lot to trap this kitten. Well it did not happen . The kitten was to scared. The kitten is a she, very thin and looks to be pregnat. Anyway the kitten is black and has lost alot of hair, you can see the skin and did not see any sores. If I can catch this kitten, I am thinking how can I keep it away from my other cats outside while it is treated for a skin problem. I am thinking all of this and I have not even trapped the cat.
How do I trap in a parking lot full of cars, people walking by looking and asking "what are you doing" "Oh how sweet of you" etc etc. (one of my problems yesterday).
I just feel so ,
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Do you have a trap to use? The box thing sounds like it won't work. What about a carrier? Tie a piece of string to the door, hide out of view, slam door shut when kitty goes in, secure the latch on carrier.

In a way a parking lot is a good place to trap, because it's level and there are lots of cars. If possible, get a spouse or a friend to drive too and "hide" your business between the two cars. I often park my car somewhere and hide a trap just in front of it. With a dark towel over it nobody notices it and I can lurk in my car or walk around the parking lot and nobody thinks it's suspicious.

Feed kitty regularly in the same spot at the same time so kitty is expecting you. That'll make your approach more welcome and trusted. Try to make it at a time when Walmart isn't crowded--early morning? Or when you can hide under cover or darkness--kitties are active at dusk.

Depending on where you live (warm climate?) this could be a flea allergy causing baldness, in which case no isolation necessary once kitten treated for fleas&worms, I don't think.

Are you planning to relocate kitty to your outside yard? I'd keep in somewhere confined for a few days first--a bathroom, a garage. This will give time to medicate and assess personality. She may be a "dumped" social kitty in which case highly adoptable.

Just some thoughts.
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I have three inside cats and three outside cats (the outside were feral I TNR and now follow me everywhere and live in the garage. The kitty at parking lot did touch her nose to my fingers twice and then ran away. It was very busy, cars, people and another lady was trying to help me and everyone asking a million question it was very hard to do anything (an of course this is the busyest walmart location that walmart has) You are right, I will have to try early morning or evening and bring my pet carrier. (I was so mad at myself last night for not keeping the carrier in my car) But I was worried about the skin problem, but then she needs the care.
She acts like she is going to come right up to you then she changes her mind and runs. So I feel she will come around once she is trapped. Yes I will TNR her at my location. I live in the county and would feed her like the others.
Thanks for the input and I hope I can get her.
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I tip my hat to you for working so hard to help this poor cat.

Good luck and keep us updated on how it is going.
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Clara, you and kitty are in my prayers. I completely agree with Renae - this is such a wonderful thing!

Good luck - and please let us know how it goes!
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