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Gary's Tuxedo Boy

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Just a cute pic of Tuxedo in the shoe bed Gary couldn't resist.....
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Tuxedo is SO cute! Love him all snuggled up in his bed.
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He sure looks like is very comfy - what a pretty - ahm - handsome boy!!
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He's so pretty. I really like that picture because it also show's a pretty sunset thru the window.
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he looks like my BOB hugz to cutie pie tuxedo
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what a cute kitty
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Awhhhhh! I think that pictures pricless

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His patches are so crisp! What a beautiful boy!
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I'm going to be a VERY bad girl and post a pic of Gary (who has requested I not post pics of his face. But you really can't see his face too well here..... (flimsy excuse for violating his request).

This just really shows the bond they have.
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That is just tooo cute!
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What an amazing bond those two boys have!
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So sweet, and he looks so content...
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What a cutie!
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OMG that is so sweet, I love that pic of them two together, it is so precious!

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aaawwww how cute , the 2nd one is my favored one .
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Awww! He's absolutely beautiful!
I love black & white kitties.
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It's Mooie, our outside porch tuxedo cat...

That's Mooie (not sure if she's male or female, but I'm assuming female), by our patio door and next to her outside cardboard box shelter. I sure hope it's warm enough for her in there, as the temp. will be about 4 degrees tonight!

Mooie has the cutest black cap on her head with black mustache-like fur patterns on each side. Here are some better pics of Mooie, as she actually squinted from the camera flash in this one.

More Mooie pics:
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What a handsome boy, I am kinda partial to tuxedos hehe
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Awwwww he looks soooo cute, all snuggled up!.
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