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TCS_Thanks to ALL of you it's working!

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We took a look at the survey and below the survey there is room for comments. The survey is completely anonymous as far as knowing who is saying what about TCS.

We have pulled up a few specific comments for you to see. And as you read them, know that YOU are the reason they were put there. This whole community is pretty darn special, and us old-timers are not the only ones that recognize that fact!

So here you go, enjoy the impact you make on other's lives:


Everytime I have visited the forum with a question everyone has been very helpful

I enjoy the Cat Site, it is a useful tool when there is something wrong w/one of my cats, someone always has an idea of what I should do,. It is a comfort

I first went to the site because I was dealing with feral kittens and found a wealth of info there, plus the people in the forums helped immensely also. Whenever I have a problem with one of my cats that is one of the first places I go. Thanks for being there.

I haven't been there lately, but the forums were very helpful when my kitty was young and wild. She is now two. I also visited when I got a new puppy to get advice on their interaction. Thanks for being there.

I just adore this site...i have learned alot about my cats since i have been reading it,,,it is very helpful...and the people are wonderful...they really care for their pets

I just Love TCS. I have learned so much since I joined. I origianlly joined to find out what to do when my cat had surgery and his incision was bleeding. I got a lot of caring responses that help me to make the right decision for him. I have made some friends from all over the world, and also feel like I can help to educate some people on cats now and also why spaying and neuter is best for over populated cats and dogs. The CatSite.com is the best!

I love this site & if this site doesn't have what I'm looking for someone in the forums always can.

Information I got from other members in the forums allowed us to keep a cat that we really thought would have to be returned to the rescue organization we got him from -- his behavior was nearly intolerable. We've all learned how to live well together since finding the site and implementing some of the ideas we've gotten from others.

Thanks for offering a great place to meet other cat owners. It's also a great place to have questions answered. As a first time cat owner your site was indispensible when I needed advice on how to add a second cat to my home. Thanks again.

The CatSite was very helpful to me during the time of a death of one of my cats. I appreciate having a place to go to where there are a lot of other people who feel just like I do about their feline family. I have been to other cat sites, but found TheCatSite one that I could commit to.

The forums here are without a doubt the best place to go for cat care info. I recommend the site to every cat owner I meet!

So again, thanks to ALL of you for doing your part in keeping this fantastic community going. We thought you might enjoy a bit of a pat on the back for a job well done!
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That's excellent feedback and TCS sure does deserve it.

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Wonderful! Congratulations!
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Wow! TCS has got some great comments!! I gave TCS two thumbs up, of course!
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What is there to say except.... they're RIGHT!
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