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Getting Spayed Tomorrow anything I should know?

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Ive never been through getting a kitty spayed before is there anything I should know or watch out for?
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Dana, most vets can do this surgery blindfolded! You just want to take food and water away from your cat at about 10:00 tonight, and since it is a spay, I would suggest you invest a little extra money and opt for a pain shot right before she comes home.

Keep her in a small room with little options for her to jump on things, keep her away from stairs and just let her be quiet for a few days. They usually start feeling better in about 24 hours from the surgery. She will be groggy, and appear a bit out of it. Feed her a very small amount of food when she comes home (after a few hours) and provide her water, she will be incredibly thirsty. Watch her incision for any unusual draining, she will likely get a bit lumpy around the incision, lumps are common- a reaction to the sutures, but large lumps (golfball size or bigger should be addressed immediately). Chances are she will be just fine! Thank you for doing YOUR part to stop over-population.
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(((( Good luck ))))
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Well here we are the night before the spay and my husband and I have

Packed Patches a little bag with her wet food , her dry food a wet food cover , her favorite mouse and (lol) instruction for the vet

the kids hugged her and kissed her before bed and tomorrow while shes gone the afternoon art project is get well cards.

So its safe to say this kitty has taken over our hearts

She is leaving tomorrow at 7:30 AM and will be back after 12 noon on thursday ....cross your fingers
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Bless her little heart. It seems like only yesterday i was going through the same with Rosie.

She'll be fine

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Well.......In terms of sutures, my vet never presented me with a choice on sutures... So Penny was sewn up with old-fashioned sutures, you know, the type that require removal at a later date. If that sounds inconvenient, let me tell you, it was.

The better alternative (in my opinion) are the self-dissolving sutures...... If you choose those, it is convenient because you do not have to make a separate appointment for suture removal like I had to. So make sure you discuss suture choice or they might very well decide for you.

The self-dissolving type might be more expensive but how the heck would I know, they never discussed it with me!
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Make sure you get a buster collar for her from the vets!.

When i had Rosie done, i thought they would have supplied one so she would'nt bite at the stitches, but they had'nt!.

I had a nightmare of a night trying to stop her. She was wobbly on her feet still, trying all ways to bite the stitches, and would hiss at me when i tried to stop her.

I had to ring the emergency vets number for help, who advised me to make a makeshift one from a cereal box!.

It worked, but she had a collar with "Weetabix" all around it!!

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aaah bless - this brings it all back. My youngest female is nearly 8 so it was a long time ago. (She is also too fat to attack any stitches) Keep well little Patches
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Patches is out of surgery , shes awake and alert she wasnt in heat and she had the desolvable stitches.

we pick her up tomorrow afternoon , they even clipped her nails lol

Thank you everyone
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shes home! Shes awake alert eating going to the litter pan ok , they sent her home with pain meds , we go back 2/9 for a recheck

Tomorrow AM should be an experience for us , we have never given a cat a pill before
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Do a search here for 'pilling a cat' oh its not fun lol but some cats are more tolerable than others!
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