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Whenever I see a woman come in with a fur coat, I always thing "how many poor little creatures had to die for you to be able to wear that jacket??". (NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE WHO HAS A FUR JACKET HERE). I don't think I could wear a fur jacket, any time any where ever. I have this pair of mitts that has fur (rabbit, I think I was told) that I got from my grandfather for Christmas a few years back, and I don't wear them that much. The first thing I thought of when I opened them up was "Oh no! What poor little creature had to die so I could have mitts with fur on them??" (Seriously, that's what I thought!). Also, why is it that fur is bad, and leather isn't? You still have to kill an animal to get leather...and not all of it is from cows (I think that's where most of leather comes from isn't it??). Anyhow, that's just my 2 cents worth.
I agree, I think fur or leather anything is wrong. Leather car seats are nice though Luckily I don't have any.