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what if i die!!!!!!

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This may have been asked before but anyway here goes...I was thinking the other night what would happen to my furry lot if something happened to me! Now I'm only 49 and have no intention of shuffling off in the near future but you just never know. I have a will for my money (hah!) and my estate (I tell you my nephew will be one happy guy when we all go )
Just not too sure what to do. Little Tulip is old, strange and spiteful so who would take her? Mischa is a bully - Katy is FAT - and my little Dirt is an odd thing with spindly legs. A real cutey but odd.
What does everyone else have in mind for this time. Also should I not have cats if I get to some great age, is the worry acceptable or what.
thoughts and ideas appreciated
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I think most of us have had the same thoughts.

I only just said to my sister last week, should anything happen to me, she has to take Rosie,and to keep her as a house cat as she is now, and to smother her with the affection that she's used to, and this is not a problem with her because she loves animals, so i know i have peace of mind!.

If the worst comes to the worst, and you have no one to look after your babies, leave your instructions and i'll look after them, despite how they are!!


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you want to be careful Susan - I might take you up on that
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I was serious!. I'd hate to think of Rosie being put in a shelter to spend the rest of her days on her own with no one to give her proper love and affection.

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That's indeed a frightening thought! I don't know how my 3 would fare, they are all so quirky in their own right, and poor Ferdy is FIV+ so very few people would want him . . . even Cats Protection would probably put him down and they don't do that lightly.

The best thing would be to bequeath them either to somebody you know will love them, or to assign them a money allocation so that you're able to attach conditions to their care and the person that takes them would have to meet the criteria in order to receive stage payments.

Not sure how you'd administer that, but it would be nice if your cat(s) could have a certain future.
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I spoke to my mum and Andrew. If I die and Andrew is still alive, he will obviously look after the bugs.

If we both die, my mum will take them.
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I'm sure if anyone has a situation, there will always be someone on this site to help.

And Yola, as i'm in the process of adopting a "Cat Cabin" with CPL, i'd make sure they made it Ferdi's!!.

Problem sorted!.

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I wonder if your wishes for your cat can be put in a will , and maybe even with a sum of money to help who ever you leave the cat support it
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I think as a rule, it's always best to mention the cats in the will, in addition to appointing the caregiver. I think it's only fair to allocate money to that person that will go specifically to the care of the cats. I would set up a fund from which yearly sums will go to the care of the cats. In case of a medical emergency the trustee (preferably a solicitor) is allowed to release more money for the care of the cats. When the cats die, the money goes to a cat charity.
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Also investigate cat retirement homes. Some are set up that you can start donating small amounts to them every month and they will put it into an account for you in case something happens and your cat needs a home. I would caution anyone going this way to be sure they check out the establishment well ahead of time. It has been my experience that some of these homes become a flash in the pan. But there are good ones out there- one in Texas I believe and one in California as well.

Here is a link to three:

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Well, being 14 years old it is obvious I have never worried about such a thought But indeed when you think about it really leaves you sleepless . But here's my two cents.

Laws of wills and inheritance vary from country to country... in some countries from province to province (In the United States it is like that sometimes). Here in Puerto Rico all properties and assets have to by law be equally divided between all the sons/daughters. In such a case you ought to leave some kind of sworn or sealed statement talking about your furry babies. And of course have talked with the person whom you want him to take care of them.

Now, if in your country wills are really allowed, and you can make a will and testament dividing everything the way you like to, then you can make sure that the furry kids are mentioned.
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I hate thoughts like this

I know my fiancee would take care of my babies. Or my mom...
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Rosiemac, you're such an angel for adopting a cat cabin. CP do a great job, I volunteered in my PR and marketing capacity for them for a bit here in Reading, but fell out big time with the regional co-ordinator when she expected me to put my health, and my unborn baby's health second to the need of the charity.

It was a hard decision but I decided to step down at that point. I still give a regular monthly donation and am a member, but sadly, no longer active.
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Jeepers has many relatives to take care of her all of whom love cats. If something happened to my dad I would have Axl here.
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There is some very helpful information and advice on the Humane Society of the United States web site.

There, you will find these papers:

Which is right for you: a will or a trust

Simple Language for your Will

Choosing a permanent caregiver if you suddenly became ill or die
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Yola, thats a shame you had to give up something you loved doing, but at the end of the day your health comes first!.

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A lot of good ideas here. I especially like the 'cat trust' sort. I guess most of my family and contemporaries are the same age or older than me and I would not like to leave them with the worry of what happens when they go! A never ending circle I guess. I will check about and see what is available over here as we muct have something like the US Humane society have. Maybe a 'cat cabin' for mine in in order! Then other little moggies could use it as well.
Thanks again all
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The HSUS links already mentioned are good information, but it's also a good idea to check with the lawyer that wrote your will about the specifics in your state. The laws vary greatly. In many areas you can set up a trust in your will to provide for your animals. (Note: in the US animals can NOT inherit anything directly.) It is important that your wishes are spelled out in your will, and it's not necessary to mention the individual pets (the lawyer can handle the wording.)

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Two of my cats are my fiance's Mother's cats. We adopted them when she passed away 2.5 years ago. She had only had Coco for one month before her passing. Since his whole family are cat people, it was just understood that someone would care for Sterling and Coco after her death. Steven and I had the least amount of cats at the time so we took them in.
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It's funny that this has come up now - Nick and I just got wills made recently (newly married thought we'd better do the right thing) and we bequeathed the cats to Nick's parents and our dogs to a very good friend.

Nick's parents already have 2 indoor burmese of their own and would be happy to have our two as well. The friend has our dogs brother (from the next litter) and so is happy to take ours as well.

This was actually the hardest thing we had to work out - what to do with all the furry's!!

I agree with those who have said that it is better to think about these things and plan, rather than leave it to chance - my 2cents!!
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