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I'm praying for just ONE month

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I just want one month. I'm praying to God for just ONE freaking month of peace and quiet. I'm not even 22 years old and I feel like I'm my mother's age.

SO, on top of having two deaths around Christmas, and Craig getting laid off just before that, my cats having some (minor) medical problems, our lease ending soon, and me getting my new job (one of the few GOOD things lately), we found out today that Craig has to have surgery on BOTH knees.

He has to a "lateral release". They gotta go in and cut some tendons on both knees because his knee caps are too "tight" and are scraping against the cartilidge in his knees causing pain which could potentially result in pieces of cartilidge breaking off into the joint.

I have to schedule some time off to take care of him because he won't be able to walk too much, and then he has to go through physical therapy. His quadraceps are gonna have to reform and restrengthen to fit his legs because his knee caps are gonna slide, which will cause his muscles to in turn slide. Sigh. I can't AFFORD time off . I can't afford just having ONE job.

I found out that the other small joy in my life might get taken away and it's completely out of my hands. My god-daughter might be going to live with her dad in San Diego. LaVar Burton has mentioned hiring a lawyer to his son Eian to fight my best friend for custody. She can barely pay her rent much less afford an attorney. We have both cried endless times over this and are at a loss. She's gonna fight to the best of her ability, but we're both scared to death.

I'm gonna miss my baby girl soooo much. I got pictures of her from Christmas and Halloween. I'll post them soon. These are the only pictures I have her. She's so beautiful.

All I ask for is just one month of peace. I don't even ask for GOOD news or good events. Just peace. I'm really stressed out. Sleeping problems, I've noticed some gray hair over the last month (OMG!), and am feeling continuously anxious.

Please, please just give me some peace vibes. A break. A small one. Is that really too much to ask?
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Aww Cassie, I am so sorry that life has handed you such a rough patch right now. I wish I could help in some way, but I am powerless to do anything other than pray for you. Cyclone sends you a nice wet hiss...I mean kiss...
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Life can be a real b***h at times Cassie.
It will get better. We all have days when "everything" seems to goes wrong, but then you see a light at the end of it!.

Hang on in there girl.

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Cassie, I'm praying with you. I hope your life picks up REALLY soon. You're in my thoughts and Craig too.
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Cassie - I am sending peaceful vibes your way! I hope things turn around for the better for you soon!
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Peaceful vibes from me too. That is alot to take in, in such a short time. Please take care of yourself.


Sounds like quite a surgery for Craig. Hoping it all goes smoothly and that he's back on his feet in no time at all.
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Oh Cassie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and here, I don't know if you like chocolates, but I find they almost always help....

I'm so so sorry to hear about all this. As I'm sure you know, I haven't been around the Lounge much recently. I'm so sorry to hear about the deaths of people you cared for, and Craig getting laid off....

Of COURSE I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way!!!!! Especially for your friend and her daughter. Custody battles are the worst, and the children always suffer.

(BTW - Gary had problems with his knees. But the way they dealt with it was by some type of endoscopic surgery where they went in and ground up the cartilidge in his knee and removed it. Of course his knee "pops out" from time-to-time and it's quite painful when it happens - but he does a deep knee-bend and THWACK! - and it pops back into place. The muscles in his knee built up and supposedly help support the joint despite having no cartilidge. Of course there is slow wear on the ends of the bones, and he may end up needing surgery - but he always chooses the least invasive surgical option when available. Obviously they may have had completely different problems to begin with (because I don't know what sparked that surgery) - but this was when he was in the army, so obviously they wanted the solution that put him back on his feet as quickly as possible (which was fine with him)). Absolutely my best wishes that all should go well for Craig!

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