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Weird Kitty Cravings

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Simba, my orange tabby who toddled off to the bridge several years ago had very strange preferences for people food. He used to beg for green beans, once ate half a bowl of loaded steak and potato soup--except that he didn't eat the potatoes at all...licked them clean, and would beg for doritoes.

Mackey, who has found a new home and now only occsionally visits, used to beg for white cheddar pop corn.

Meow Antony will climb in your mouth for ice cream.

Moo will try to drink ANYTHING you leave in a glass on the coffee table, although, he'll gag at Diet Dr. Pepper. He'll also beg for cheez-its.

And now, little "Mufasa" who has been renamed by my daughter--his name is Crookshanks now (and I call him Cookie), has distinguished himself by, when I was eating a coffee cake (in this case, cinnamon and brown sugar with icing on white pound cake), running up my leg, down my arm and attacking the cake while growling at anyone who thought they were going to take it from him! Yesterday, he also climbed in my daughters bowl of peanut butter crunch without milk.

Of course, they all love the regular things like Tuna and Milk (although they rarely get either.)

What weird "cravings" do your kitties get?
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my Cleo loved canned mushrooms and raw pumpkin. She also ate (when a let her) canned corn, tortillas and potatoes chips...

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My, Peepsy will eat ANYTHING! If she sees you eat it she will eat it.

That includes raisins, any king of chip (especially BBQ), carrots, peas, cabbage, styrofoam (if you don't watch out), all kinds of bugs and spiders.

So far I really haven't found anything she won't eat.
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I was getting some spinach out for my guinea pigs and some dropped on the floor. Both Rocky and Gabby started to eat it. They always have lots of food available so I was really surprised. They love many other foods as well. When we have snack in front of the tv Rocky especially is right there. He loves cereal.
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Hmmmm, let me see....where shall I start!!?? Lets start with Bod (as always.. ) He will eat ANYTHING he can get his plush podgey paws on!! He sits in front of you while you eat begging like a dog! He's had Naan bread, peppers, pizza, mash potato, bread, carrots, and turkey stuffing!! along with all the usual things like, ice cream, milk squirty cream ham chicken etc....., but Merle has a fascination with drinks, every drink you put down - even if its just for a second, before you can blink he's there with his big ol' furry fluffy paw in it!! He especially loves doing this in tea - I have no idea why he's so drawn to tea and not coffee etc!! My other smurfs all like a good munch of something "human" now and again, Monty has a particular fancy for pizza!!

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Simon will eat almost anything. He drinks from my glass. This makes me so mad. I was cutting up an onion the other day and he wanted it in the worst way. I did not give it to him because I have been told it is harmful. But he will beg me for everything I have and he eats most of what I have. I try not to give him alost of our food I do not want him to get sick. On the other hand my DeDe will only eat cat food. She could care less what you have. It's do funny how different they can be.
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Hmmm my cats love icecream and tuna of course... but other than that I haven't let them have anything but cat food... and I've only let them have VERY little ice cream and even less tuna.

They do like to crowd around my feet and meow like they are in dire pain while I'm making dinner.. trying to make me feel sorry for them and sneak em some treats. It's hard.. but so far I've managed to resist.
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My cats seem to love cheese, but what I find really strange is that they love butter and will just lick it right off your finger.

They also have a strange passion for lizard tails .........

Love, Peace &
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Well, we don't have lizards up here but If we did I think I would feel sorry for them. They would probably be the main course knowing my kitties!

I just caught Princesses the other day setting in the garage window waiting to catch and eat any of the big horseflies that congregate there to try and find a way out. This has become her favorite lunch stop!
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Hi Buttercup :angel2:

Well, it's just their lizard "tails" :laughing2 :LOL: Then the poor lizard has to get batted around, I usually try to catch the cats before they kill them, but I can't keep my eye on them 24-7 ..
So, I do try to save the poor little lizards...they're great for catching flys and stuff like that.

Horseflys??? Now, that's another wild one...I guess I'd be scared the darn thing would sting 'em... YOUCH!

Love, Peace &
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This is such a cute thread!!! Thanks for starting it Susan!!

My outside cats will eat ANYTHING I give them....they even quickly gobbled up the leftover chinese food last night, even though mostly there was nothing left but bamboo shoots, baby corn, and some broccoli!!! :laughing:
They also love fritos chili cheese corn chips and cheetos!
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My cat MooShoo loves yogurt, ice cream, soy nuts, hardboiled egg, mashed potatoes, scrambled egg, cheese, mud slides, he licks the salt off potato chips, chicken, loves tortilla chips.

My other cats aren't really into people food.
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Prince drank 3 tongue-laps worth of white grape-peach juice blend today. I'm still in shock.
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Things are boring here, palate-wise: I'm really strict about feeding my cats good quality cat-food only! Having said that, which sounds very high-minded and pompous, I must confess a weakness for allowing my cats to lick the occasional empty (vanilla) ice-cream bowl. Okay, so once in a while I'll give in and let them have little pieces of chicken et cetera.

But I'm the boss here! Right.

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LOL I try my hardest to keep them out of the people food, I do! Well, I do with the kitties now...Simba was a different story. Simba was in no way owned by me, rather it was the other way around. My husband has said that he thinks he got sick as a stray outside as a baby on purpose just because we weren't taking him in quickly enough! I couldn't say no to him. (Okay...nevermind that "no" wasn't an option, he'd YEOWL the most disturbing yeowl when I'd dare to try to not let him have his way.)

I'm indeed weak when it comes to my babies begging. The Coffee Cake that Cookie had wasn't given willingly (I love my coffee cake!) Usually, human food is only given when it's meat and even then, it's a rare occasion and in small amounts. (heaven knows with the brood we have here, they could gang up on us and take whatever they wanted, but they're pretty reserved about the begging unless it's IMPORTANT to them. LOL)

Simba's love of green beans was discovered when one fell out of the can as I was warming them up. He snatched the one off the floor and after I warmed them up, came back for more. Mackey, the once a week visitor, discovered white chedder popcorn by opening the cabinet and helping himself one night. Meow had played it cool as a kitten and never begged. One night I came home with an ice cream cone and he quite literally climbed in my mouth to get it. Moo has a soda facination. I think it comes from my DD sneaking him milk out of her glass. And my little Cookie, who reminds me daily of my Simba, well, I'm having a hard time saying no to him, too. He doesn't insist on eating many things, but I really had no choice with the coffee cake. He'd already determined that it was his before he ran down my arm and stole it from my hand.

When there's tuna in the house, I do break down. It's a survival technique. We take one can of tuna (6.5 oz) and split it up on two plates and spread it around. With 6 kitties in the house most of the time, 6.5 oz of tuna doesn't translate to more than a bite each and while they're all facinated with the plate, we get to eat our dinner in peace. LOL
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Blackie is pretty boring in his tastes. He wants to check out our food, but he only wants the usual meat & milk stuff, and not even all of that. He doesn't like hot dogs, for example, though he'll eat the chili and cheese off my husband's if we let him! He does like to sample whatever we're drinking though. He waits until you're not looking, then dips his paw into your glass. Yuck! I know exactly where those paws have been if he's in the house, and I can only guess about them when he's outside! He eats bugs when he can get them, and he'd like to try bird, but he can't seem to catch one. At least, not yet . . .

Sparky seemed like he was going to be a milk lover, but he is drinking from the sink with Blackie now. He does, however, seem to like Mexican food. He's interested in burgers and such but if we move him away, he usually leaves. But if we have tacos or breakfast burritos or even nachos, that little fuzzball won't leave us alone! We actually have to put him in another room and close the door! He jumps up on the table and just attacks food on my plate, growling and getting all possessive about it! Right now he only weighs a pound so we just laugh and move him, I shudder think what will happens when he gets his full growth!
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