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Sex and the City: Final Season

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Who's watching? Last night's episode was so good! When Smith shaved his head for Samantha, I think I had a tear or 2 rolling.

My friend (guy, of course) who watches it with me is pissed that they are "wrapping things up". Hmph.

It was pretty hilarious, because we were having a 'discussion' on male insensitivity earlier (mainly his), and then Carrie and Aleksandr have a fight over the same thing! Being an ever-so-typical male, he walked away from the tv at that point!
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AAh!!! They've been re-runs here in Canada for about 1 1/2 months now it's driving me crazy!!! So was this a new one? Smith is a hottie, BALD, no. I can't wait til Friday when it's on here, hopefully it's new.
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I like this season, and of course they have to wrap things up. Smith is pretty hot, and even looked good with short hair, although I really liked the long curly look on him.
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I just about bawled also when he did that for her. and When Charlotte got that dog? OMG I wanted to cry so badly. But being the trooper I am(and I didn't want honey to give me that "women" look and roll his eyes! LOL!) I stiffled it with just a few sniffles.
I want them to keep going forever but they are right, you can't go on forever, or it'll become boring. So I guess we will have to get our fixes on reruns and things like that.
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i've been thinking of ways the series might end, but of course the biggest thing on my mind is, well, BIG! what does everyone think will happen to him? are him and carrie meant to be or is it all over for good during the last episode?
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Smith is such a sweetie and really IS HOT, whether he has hair or not!

DId NOT like the scene with the mouse in bed with Carrie!
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The mouse on the counter was bad enough! The one that ran through her hair almost made ME have a heart attack!

Well, from the preview of the upcoming episode, Big calls. Can't wait to see how this all goes down. I'm sorry, but Carrie and the Russian just don't do it for me.

And Smith did look great either way. The gesture behind the haircut made him even better!
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I am really going to miss this show. I can't believe there are only 4 episodes left!
I too was so touched by Smith's reaction to Samantha. It didn't surprise me, he seems to genuinely care for her.
I don't know what I wish for Carrie. I have sometimes thought I maybe don't want her to end up with anyone. Just be single and happy. But since the series is ending I bet she get paired up with someone.
Miranda and Steve are so sweet together. Not to say I didn't like Dr. Robert...hubba hubba But Steve and Miranda are a great couple and do have a child. It had been a while since they had shown Miranda's cat. I was wondering if the writers would remember to include him again.
I was pretty sure Charlotte would end up pregnant by the series end, but maybe not. Cute puppy, and I am not even a dog person. Harry is such neat guy and perfect of Charlotte.

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The problem is...Big is perfect for Carrie, yet I don't see how they can convincingly get them back together in 4 episodes, not with all the previous disappointment there.
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I like Big. Did they ever say his real name?
The russian doesnt do it for me either, even though he is cute at his age.
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OMG it breaks my heart that they are ending this show When Smith shaved his head for Samantha I was bawling like a baby. Thankfully my other half was out back in the shop working on cabinets or whatever he does out there.

Steve and Miranda belong together, I have said that from the start when they started seeing each other. Carrie and the Russian I'm still undecided about that one. I think Big is the man for her. I was hoping that Charlotte would finally have a baby but I don't see it in the last 4 episodes

NOOOOOO! They can't end it I need my Sex and the City fix on a regular basis, I have even gotten into arguements with hubby so I can watch it. Life will never be the same when the show goes off *Sigh*At least there are the reruns.
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This site is turning out to be much more than I expected... sex and the city is my FAVE show, I even got my H hooked on it. I just joined and I am exploring the board
I AM so sad this is the last season!!!!
I loved and cried when smith shaved his head! So did H... and I am upset BIG is returning. But Miranda & Steve are perfect together, although I do miss Dr. Robert a little
Any way I am so glad I joined I will remember to sign on next sunday there are not many episodes left to discuss! YAY!
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