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I need to vent....

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I realize I do alot of venting here, but it really does help.

Stupid country club I have worked at for THREE YEARS is about to lose their most valuable employee. The manager I worked for for the first two years left the beginning of last year. The past year, they haven't had a manager. The secretary, who has never worked in food service, is managing, not very well, mind you. This past year has not been the greatest, but do-able. It has gotten progressivly worse. To the point where they won't hire a dishwasher anymore because they don't want to pay one. So, even though I have been there longer than all but one other employee, and I cook, waitress, AND bartend (often at the same time). I've been stuck in the back washing dishes more often than not last year. They've been trying to cut costs to keep the members happy. The last two winters, I have had my hours cut dramatically in decemeber, and been off all of january, to return in february. Seeing as this has happened the last two winters, I had no reason to believe this winter would be any different. Until Oct 20, when it was casually mentioned in an employee meeting that november 1st was my last day. Wow, great, thanks for the warning guys. That was the last straw (along with a few other things, but I don't want to bore you all to death). I decided to get another job over the winter. But winter's suck, no one is hiring. I DO have another job lined up for february (starting monday ). I'll be a provider for the state, I'm working with a girl with cerebral palsy (I've already done 2 days of training). It is private pay until I get my provider number in 4 - 6 weeks (paperwork, etc). And only part time. I'll need anther part time job, and no one is hiring, so I just came to accept the fact that I would have to go back to the country club the beginning of february. Yet, I have not heard from them, and february is next week. So I called out there today, and asked what was up, when I was coming back and all, etc. I was told "Well, Dawn, I really don't know. There are alot of cutbacks and they're downsizing the menu and it hasn't been decided yet. I'm having another meeting with Loreta tomarrow, how about if I call you after I talk to her". I about hung up the phone. :censor::censor::censor:!!!?? Loreta is the president of the ladies' division, that's all. She is not part of administration, nor is she even a board member. She's the resident b*tch if you ask anyone. She doesn't like me, because I don't kiss her butt. So, when Joyce calls me back tomarrow, to tell me that I won't be back for another month, I'm going to politely tell her where she can put her job.

Note to employers: You can't please everyone, but once you start screwing your employees, you lose your employees, then you can't please anyone.

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Dawn, that just sucks that they are yanking you around...AGAIN! As much as money is an issue, it sounds like you really are better off without working there.
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Dawn, although I'm in a completely different industry, I know EXACTLY how you feel!

DawnA originally wrote:
You can't please everyone, but once you start screwing your employees, you lose your employees, then you can't please anyone.

This is so true, and I can't believe THEY JUST DON'T GET IT!

Good luck today!
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Dang....I really was looking forward to telling them off and quitting. Here's what I got in the mail today (chickens)

Dear Dawn,

Due to budget cutbacks by the Board of Directors of Lakeview Golf and Country Club this year, they have directed me to let you know you will not be coming back this year.

The club will be open for reduced hours, and we may hire extra help for tournaments only.

I'm sorry for these unforeseen circumstances, and wish the best of luck to you in the future. If you need reference letters from me, please feel free to ask. Also, I will need your keys back from you as soon as possible. Please feel free to send them with [co-worker], or mail if you do not wish to bring them in yourself.

Sincerely, blah blah blah.

I am responding with an equally sappy letter that does not exibit any anger whatsoever, or hurt, just sappy enough that it will make they feel bad if nothing else.

Dummies think they can run the place with three employees!

hehehe, idiots.

All I wanted to do is quit with some dignity, and they won't even let me do that. Oh, well, their loss.

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Sounds like a horrible place indeed.... but don't worry, in about a year's time the place will go bankrupt and you will drive by the ruins every once in a while. If the job was that bad then I assure you, your right job is out there... you just have to search it.
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