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Cat meows when picking her up??

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Hello, we have had jasmine now for about 6 months so she's almost 1 year old.

When we got her she was spayed and we had to nurse her back to health because as a kitten she got sick after the operation.

Ever since she has been fine, perfectly normal cat. She plays, she's affectionate, she cleans herself, her stool is normal her appetite is normal.. EVERYTHING.

~Except~ everytime we pick her up or hug her she meows a lot. She has had several visits to the vet either drop or or normal office appointments and no one has really said anything about it, and I asked him about it once mentioning that she meows whenever we do this.

I am aware that sometimes it can be a sign of a cat being in discomfort, having some kind of pain or ailment, but she does this all the time and otherwise acts perfectly normal.

Our other cat, Tenchi, is very blob-like and will let you molest him for days on end without a single complaint, he's such a love muffin. His only problem is trying to eat me if he ran out of food in the middle of the night lol.

In any event if anyone has any advice or insight on this I'd be very obliged, thanks in advance
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I would think that if everything else is normal, maybe she just doesn't like being picked up.

I agree that sometimes it can mean the cat is in some pain. When my Simon ended up with a UTI he cried when I picked him up. The difference is that he had never done that before and he had other symptoms (he didn't eat, lethargic, etc.)

I think your girl just wants to let you know that maybe being picked up is not her favorite thing!
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I would suggest you take the kitty in for tests at the vet. X-rays at the very least to be sure that all is in working order. She could have a back injury, or internally something could be off. If she checks out normal, then just stop picking her up because clearly she does not enjoy it. Perhaps she got hugged to hard one time and it hurt her and she remembers that. They have long memories.
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Zoey meows like someone's killing her when I try to pick her up

In her case, she just doesnt like to be picked up.
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Of my three cats, Joji meows when picked up. She doesn't like it. I guess she feels claustrophobic when people hold her. She must be carried in her favorite nap box (you can see it in her TCS webpage).
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Of our three, only Cindy and Fawn are interested in being picked up -- on their terms, of course. Suzy absolutely does not like it, and will chatter anxiously the whole time, but as soon as she's back on the floor will come and rub a little (not demonstrative at the best of times), clearly expressing her relief at being released.
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Rosie can give the most feeble whimpers when she does'nt want picked up!. It resembles a child who's pretending to cry, with no tears!!!.

But other times she's fine, when it suits her!!!

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Jasmine has been to the vet and has had xrays twice and no one has ever noticed anything wrong with her and she still meows- and it seems like there are a lot of cats out there like this.

Since she seems perfectly normal otherwise (he calls are just like, stop it i dont want to be picked up, not painful ones) i guess she dosn't like to be picked upe ither its 6am sorry for horribel typing hehe
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She probably just hates being picked up. My Lily does. She doesn't meow, but she struggles. So wwe just don't pick her up if we can avoid it.
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sisycat, i think our cats must be long lost twins, if you pick up dog she flops over and yowls until you put her down
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I too have a cat that hates to be picked up Cosmo hes 7 yrs old. He gives the sickest cry I have ever heard. He too sounds like hes being killed,Cosmo has done this since we got him, I use to think he didn't like heights, but I have seen him climb to very high places and like it...Its the strangest cry I ever heard,and what is really odd he can let off a strange smell if you don't put him down like a skunk......
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My cat princess growls, hisses and squeeks if she is picked up, but I have to pick her up to move her cause she sits squat in the middle of my chair. She never harms anyone, just likes to get her point across!
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Originally posted by ccdogmuffin
sisycat, i think our cats must be long lost twins, if you pick up dog she flops over and yowls until you put her down
Yes, she also squeeks too.. whine and whimper.. so I just try not to pick her up

Saki doesnt mind, but only when HE wants lol.
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My Cat's name is Zoey too and she is the same way she dosnt want to be picked up she meows when she does she comes to me and climbs in my arms cats are strange

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sounds like she is simply telling you he does not appreciate the lift lol If all checks have been clean, no changes/symptoms, and she only meows during specifically being picked up... Sound like a just her communicating.

In some ways I am jealous, because while my cat meows when I pick him up, but it's either a demand noise (pick me up NOW) or happy (Cuddle me! Yaay!). Which is cute... But not when you have an armload of groceries and a screaming stalker at your feet.
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My 6 month old kitten Grace screams like a banshee whenever I pick her up, except when she knows it's near feeding time, then she adores me.  She doesn't make a peep when my husband picks her up, she adores him always.  Nevermind the fact that I'm the one who feeds and does absolutely everything for her!  rolleyes02.gif   Kitties are so weird!

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Originally Posted by beckbjj View Post

 except when she knows it's near feeding time, then she adores me. 


Heh... it always amuses me how that works! How the only time I can count on Shelly climbing all over me (like from one side of the bed to the other using me as a bridge), or mashing her nose in my face is at 5:00 AM every morning, about an hour before feeding time. I like it, though, because she is the best darn alarm clock I've ever had!  The rest of the time *I* have to initiate it, because the best she can do most of the time is that little side-swipe move where they walk by and... oops!... lightly brush/bump against your leg.

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My cat does meow when I pick her up. She just doesn't want to be picked up and she struggles until I let go.I think all cats do it.... 

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