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Need Advice..

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Fluffy and Socks are home. They were brought out in the cat carrier (someone put their name on it) and their tails were both saturated with cat pee as was the towel in it. As a result my entire house smells quite bad. They were supposed to have indivdual cages,but now i'm not sure.
So 2 questions:

1.) How do i get rid of cat pee smell?
2.) Do i call the vet and enquire about where they recovered?
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Well, I guess, that with some disinfectant and air purifier, and yes, you should call the vet. For that is weird.
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They more than likely peed on themselves and got it on themselves in the process. I would scrub out the carrier with warm water and vinegar and just let it air dry for at least a day.

You can boil spices on the stove, like cinnamon and clove to help with the smell. WalMart has in the automotive section a pretty concentrated air freshener that you just stick on a wall somewhere- that will help as well.
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Ok well i phoned the vet and she said everything was dry when they left which is a lie becausae i smelt it the second they came out of the vet but i had no idea it was this bad. I went to the pet store and picked up some Shampoo. Fluffy gopt a full bath as he was worse with his longer hair,he was pretty good about the bath. Socks just mainly needed his tail and lower back done and he fought like crazy. I also bought some Nature's Miracle which is supposed to be great for getting rid of cat pee odor. So i have 2 wet cats and more cleaning to do. Thanks for the advice Victor and MA.
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Daniela, your cats had surgery and you gave them a full bath? I would be very careful and watch those stitches and hope the vet did not use dissolving stitches! I did not mean to imply that you should have bathed these cats. I re-read my post just to be sure I worded it right. The pee smell would have been okay in a few days, and giving them a bath right after surgery is never recommended. Please keep an eye on the stitches Also the cat that fought the bath might have torn his sutures inside depending on how bad he fought and how tight you had to hold him.
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Yes i gave Fluffy a full bath (not imersed in water just with a spray shower head)I really had no other choice as they were soaked in pee and both smelt awful. I called more then 1 pet store and they both said to bathe them. Before they went in i noticed that where the testicles used to be there are little bloody slits,i'm not sure if this is normal or not but it was BEFORE the bath and during the bath i was very careful around the surgery area. As i said i had no choice. It was either that or take them back to the vet where they could clean them up and i know the vet would'nt do it.
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It's too late now, but walmart has bath wipes that you can get so the cat doesnt have to get wet. I'm sure other places do too. If they still smell after that bath I'd look into getting some rather than bathing them again. Definately keep an eye on their stitches especially after having to sit in their own urine and have a bath. Poor kitties.
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Well bothcats smell really good this AM I asked the vet if there was any special precautions or anything and he never mentioned stitches. To say the least they will NOT be returning to that vet ever again. Socks is still trying to mount Fluffy so i'm not sure how long it takes for the hormones to stop him from doing that.
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I have yet to take any of my cats to the vets where they don't pee on themselves or each other. It is a scared reflex brought on by being in a strange place with strange smells. I certainly would not fault your vet for this behavior.
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I do and i will fault the vet because they were supposed to be in seperate cages. The towel in the cat carrier (which was not in the cage) was also soaked. This tells me they were put in the carrier before i picked them up.
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Watch the neuter site. Some vets use surgical adhesive, rather than stitches. That may be why it looks like slits.
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Originally posted by Fluffy'sMom
I do and i will fault the vet because they were supposed to be in seperate cages. The towel in the cat carrier (which was not in the cage) was also soaked. This tells me they were put in the carrier before i picked them up.
I understand how mad you are. I agree that if you specified separate cages that they should've been. I'd ask the vet (nicely) why they werent put in separate cages. Have you ever gotten anything done at this vet before? I know this made you mad and upset...it would me too. Although they messed up be glad that (sofar)your cats are ok and the vet did everything correctly. As for the peeing, If they had surgery the day you went and got them: remember they were under heavy anesthesia and were probably groggy and had less control over their abilities and I'm sure were very nervous. I've never taken an animal that hasnt peed in the cage. Also the fix could've had something to do with it or the fact that they possibly hadnt been able to pee all day. That vet would be in major poo if they did something to hurt one of their customer's pets. I'm the most distrusting person when it comes to doctors and vets, but even I think of every possible cause for something. I'd just hate for you to have to think bad of the vet if it wasnt the vet's fault. We both know they arent so stupid to do something like that on purpose.
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When i dropped the cats off i myself put them into the seperate cages and i left the cat carrier there so i didn't have to drag it home.This vet is a new vet in town so i don't know...when i went to the pet shop the girl working said she has heard many weird things about it. One point..when i picked them up and they were brought out for me to pick them up i could smell pee right away. I just wish they would of put a fresh towel in or cleaned them up a bit.
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