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OK, I've had it I need a new brand of litter.

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So I know we've had this discussion many times before, but I'll be honest I wasn't paying attention because I was very happy with the litter I had been using. (Oder Lockers) However, they recently changed something & holy cow is it dusty. I never used to have this problem, but there is now a layer of litter dust in my bathroom every time I change the box, or even add more after scooping some out. So I need recomendations on a good scoopable, low dust litter? I'm in a small apartment (400 sq feet) with 2 cats & need good odor control as well? Price is somewhat of an issue, but if I have a couple of good suggestions I can figure out which I can afford. Thanks for the help.
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The only clumping litter I really liked and was pretty low on dust is the Arm and Hammer.
I do know someone who uses Worlds Best cat litter, and says it controls the odor very well.
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My cats use Tidy Cats crystals blend. This is mostly regular clumping litter mixed with the crystals. I really like it. It is low dust and it is good about odor. (I also lived in a small apartment and the box was in my bedroom!) It's my favorite and the cats like it too.
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I use Tidy cats clumping for multiple cats. I have also stumbled across an odorizer that totally rocks! I've never used anything quite like it & it works so awesome. It's Natures Miracle brand & it's just an additive to the litter. Usually I can smell my litter boxes after a day or two even if I scoop & with this stuff I can't smell them at all. It's kind of pricey (I think it's around 10 dollars a bottle), but you don't need much per litter box. Also, I bought it at Petsmart in case if you'd like to give it a try. Hope this helps you!
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I just started using fresh step crystals and LOVE it! No dust at all, and no smell! So far I am very happy with it. I also like arm and hammer crystal blend, but that is dusty.
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I'm changing Rosies back to the clumping variety. She used to have the woodbase, which are small wooden pellets.

The reason i'm changing is because their that big, Rosie flicks them out of her litter box to play with, and they end up every where!!!

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I'm beginning to feel like the spokes person for Wolrd's Best Cat LIitter, but I love the stuff. It's all natural, clumping, biodegradeable, and controls odors very well. I have yet to smell urine or poop even after one month (with daily scooping). It's relatively light and my cat now covers up her poop. I think she likes the texture and weight better than the clay. Don't let the price scare you away. The 17 lb pound lasts at LEAST 2.5 months for one cat. I buy mine locally at That Pet Place (, but have seen it advertised at Petsmart and
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I am trying Odor Lockers for the first time. And quite frankly, I'm a little disappointed. While the odor control is definitely better than I experienced with Arm and Hammer, the clumps break apart really easily. So this means there are a zillion little pee balls to scoop out.

I'm going to switch to something else when this all runs out.
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Since I have so many cats I have to buy alot of litter and we started buying the Walmart Brand clumping litter in the green box, you get 30 pounds for 5.44. Its not dusty and it doesnt stick to the bottom of the litter pan as bad as some brands out there.
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I also really like the Walmart brand of cat litter, though I havent bought any in a while. I got a great deal on FreshStep scoopable cat litter so I bought a ton of that. The cedar smelling scoopable kind is really nice.
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No don't use cedar! Cedar is toxic I believe to all animals. Maybe not toxic but not good for them anyways. There is one from called Special Kitty I think and it is from Walmart. It is scopable I think and it only cost $5 something for a 25-30lbs box.
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Product Review: Purr-fectly Fresh Litter Additive

Supposedly it's active carbon that controls odor. black granules are really small and in my opinion this product didn't really seem to work that well. I won't be buying again

I've heard good things about Worlds Best, Feline Pine and Cat Attract
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Cat Attract clumps very hard, seems to be preferred by my cats, but I wouldn't call it dust-free. I have more than one box, and use more than one litter (trying to please all!). I love swheat scoop, cat attract, a citrus litter (which no joke, I tested...3-4 weeks no urine odor, but no one will do anything other than pee in it), and I also like Our Cats Choice very much. food, cat litter..which gets discussed more <G>?
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I didnt realize there was so much to think about re cat litter until I read the artical on TCS and from there did some research , so now I want to change to something that isnt clay based Ive looked into "Worlds Best Cat Litter" ( calling my local feed store tomorrow to see if they still carry it ) what else is good thats organic?
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I've heard of: Yesterday's News and PaPurr which are paper litters. I have also heard of CitraMax which is made from citrus peel I believe. I personally have tried Odor Lockers it's a wood grain clumping litter. I didn't care for it much. There's also Swheat Scoop which is a clumping litter made from wheat. Some people here also probably use Feline Pine, it's a litter made from pine. All these would be considered biodegradable, and some of them are safe to flush.
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I use Shweat Scoop and I don't like it. It's dusty and the clumps stick to the bottom of the pan, no matter how much litter I use. It says on a slip odf paper in the bag to fill it 3.5 inches and spray the pan with Pam, but I don't spray it. I use a giant pan b/c Cupid likes to have lots of room so I use half a bag of the big bags every week.

I'm thinking about trying World's Best.
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we bought worlds best today , just waiting for Patches to make her judgement.of course eveyone at my table had to take a taste of it because they saw the flash movie on worlds best where the guy says its edible and takes a bite ..silly ppl!
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ok Im impressed , Worlds Best Cat Litter is what it says it is , the oder control is great , it clumps the way you think it should (doesnt settle to the bottom ) the kitty seems to like it (no more sneezing when she gets out of the box )

Ding Ding Ding We have a winner lol
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MissCharlotte, wow, you are right. Worlds Best is a really good and convenient product!! It clumps so well and I can rest easy knowing it's not clay (I have a somewhat irrational fear of clay litter)

It's my new first choice!

But one question: Are the WBCL clumps supposed to have a faint smell of (sorry) rotting food? My old litter did not have that smell. I think I might try to mix in a cup of Feline Pine for its natural scent. Penny did not mind Feline Pine.
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c1atsite - You do have to remember that WBCL is corn which will smell when it's wet. Personally, the only time I smell it is when I'm scooping out the clumps and then it's only very mild in my opinion. I have never smelled urine or feces since my cat started using the product (with execption of immediately after my cat did #2, but whose poop doesn't stink!). I'm glad to hear that you (and cat) like the product. I just wish they had coupons!!!

I never tried the clumping clay because I read in another post that the guy couldn't get the sticky, clumping residue off his tile floor. I thought that was kinda gross. Also the person who had my cat prior to me used clumping clay litter and gave me the litter box. That clumping clay residue was a bugger to scrape off and soaking the box didn't solve it either.
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Originally posted by Dana
ok Im impressed , Worlds Best Cat Litter is what it says it is , the oder control is great , it clumps the way you think it should (doesnt settle to the bottom ) the kitty seems to like it (no more sneezing when she gets out of the box )

Ding Ding Ding We have a winner lol
Yay! I can't wait to try it! Ordering some now!
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