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bumps on neck skin

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Bailey has small, scabby, bumps around her neck and under her chin. I took her to the vet to be sure that they aren't ticks, and they aren't. He said they are from an allergy and gave her a shot for allergies (who knows what this could be since he didn't test for specific allergies). Then I got a weeks supply of an antibiotic to give twice a day for "secondary infections." I've decided not to give the antibiotics since I feel that humans as well as animals get too many antibiotics when they aren't reall needed.

I have the feeling the vet felt he had to do something to warrant the fee, but I wonder if he did the correct thing. Anyone else have experience with this kind of thing?
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It's pretty common for them to give steriods, and then they will use the antibiots depending on the rash. The rashes can lead to a bacterial infection, and then it can become worse.
If the bumps clear up, then I would pay close attention if they come back to see if you can't figure out what might be causing it.
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What are you feeding her? Did he mention it could be a food allergy?
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I feed her IAMS Hairball with a little moist food in the evening,can or pouch. Also I add just a very little bit of Meow Mix in her dry feed. It could be a food allergy so I'm going to cut some of the supplemental food. I've been giving IAMS since May and her skin was fine for several months. Also, I give her a treat once in a while of my yogurt (just licking what's left in the dish, really hardly any) or frozen yogurt. First thing is to cut the Meow Mix as I know that's not a good quality food.
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Does your cat have any chance of having fleas? Or ear mites? Both of these could cause a rash around the head area.
What kind of food dish do you use? Avoid rubber or plastic. Are any other pets itching? Are you?
Food allergy often causes reactions around the head.
Does your cat wear a collar? Any new tags?
Check your environment as well. New furniture she might rub her head along, new carpet cleaner, etc.
Deb E
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Vet didn't see any fleas, nor do I. He cleaned her ears and didn't mention ear mites. I use ceramic food dish, and have no new furniture. Doesn't wear a collar. I suppose it's a food allergy which I will try to track down. Thanks for your help.
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