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Our Daily Thread for Tuesday!

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Greetings, fellow Earthlings! I'm about to hit the sack, it being l:39 a.m. on Tuesday. But first I've got to do some reading.

I've not kept up with the threads at The Cat Site for a few days. That means I'm a bad man (according to my cats). Oh, well. I'll try harder.

Today, upon arising eight hours hence, I've got to fill out a bunch of forms so that I can continue to receive my US$10 per month in food coupons. Oh, boy! Well, ten dollars is ten dollars. Then, on Wednesday my apartment is being inspected by the housing authority. It seems once a year "they" randomly select 1% of those residences receiving housing assistance. I'd better hide all the drugs and guns.

A sudden dearth of cash has stifled my immediate plans to send a compact disk of music to Air Princess, Bod Lover and Dodo. I'll have to wait 'till next month to send the disks on their merry ways. Hey, music is important!


Temperature relief seems to have arrived. It wasn't as hot on Monday as during the previous several days. I hope this is a trend. Yes!


P.S.: Let's play "Guess the Artists"! (See photograph below.)
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Mr.Cat could they be the Lennon Sisters? At least I think thats what they are called. Yes is has cooled down here as well.I thought it would never end. We dont have a/c so its a drag when it gets that hot.

Today my son and I are going to see The Other. Its cheap Tues. at the movies so we get in for half price. I'll clean up the place first I guess.

I am still trying to figure out if I should get the upgrading to a course I took years ago (I am a Health Care Aide) or just look for a part time job. My hubby wants me to stay home and get back into the painting. He's my biggest fan. Wait a minute he's my only fan.

Nice to hear from you Mr.Cat.
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After a cool weekend it's getting hot again here!
I haven't kept up with the Cat Site either, which makes me a bad cat purrson too.
Finally my connection speed is getting better so I could at least make up for what I've missed.
We're taking Eric to the vet tonight - it should be quite an experience!
After a long and hard week things are finally starting to look better and it seems that even the fridge will get fixed!
Have a nice day all of you!
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What a sweet pic. Where do you guys get them all?
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Tonight is also BB2!

and since I've missed the last 2 shows, I am going through some serious withdrawel....

my alarm didn't go off & I overslept this morning, so I didn't get off to such a great start, but that's okay. I still think this is going to be a pretty good day.

Elinor, please let me know how 'the others' is. I'm dying to see that movie but can't seem to find the time.

Mr.Cat, don't worry about the cd! it just gives us something to look forward to!

have a wonderful day everyone!
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Mr.Cat; It has cooled off here also. I have not been on the web much, but I think MoMo and Handsome may have been trying to send some things to Tonya and Michaela. . . .

AP; You know I am ready for BBII tonite!!!!!!!!! (sorry)

Deb25; Hope school is FAB!!!!!!!!!!!! (oops)

Elinor; It looks too old to be of the Lennon Sisters. . . . Maybe some act from the Big Band era? The Andrew Sisters? (I'm not sure)

Billie; How do you survive without a fridge? Hope it is fixed really soon.

Debra Myers; I'm going to e-mailo you about starting another "Kitchen Chat"

Have a great Tuesday, everyone. Does anyone know if Anne got a laptop yet?
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It's The Chordettes! Their big hits were "Mister Sandman" and "Lollipop." They were regulars on Arthur Godfrey's television program as well. They're all from Sheboygan, Wisconsin!


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Thanks, Joe. I am familar with the songs and the Arthur Godfrey Hour, but I don't remember having ever seen a promotion photo of the group. :pinky: I LOVE their outfits!
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*yawn* I'm exhausted and I haven't even done that much. Sebastian did a wonderful job of keeping me up all night last night with purrs and rubbing against my neck, chest, and face.. and nibbling my ear. Why he chooses to do this only when I'm sleeping is beyond me.

Bet you'll never guess what I'm doing today? Yup, packing! Exciting huh? I also have to clean the kitchen and bathroom and call movers to see when they will be available to move our things this weekend. Craig is supposed to call the maids to see if they can clean the place up this weekend too. I'm hoping they can.

Aside from all this.. I'm gonna take a nap soon. My eyes are soo heavy!

I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday.
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