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Originally posted by TTMom
Brandon, I want to jump in here. My ex (the one who tried to kill me) used to just punch the walls when he got mad. It quickly escalated. I know you probably don't do that, but I would like to suggest that you take an anger management course. The least it would do is make you more aware and the most it could do is change your entire life for the better.
Just wouldn't work out right now. Ill keep it in mind, but I think Ive got it pretty much under control.
He tried to kill you?!? Thats pretty sick.


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Well my husband is one of those who is not a jerk .
But I have to say that he has grumpy days just like I have them , so I guess we kind of even it out .
I personal think that there are some good and bad guys out there , just like woman .
Sometimes I think if a person live in a bad situation where the other partner is in any way abusing mentaly or physicaly (sp) , or is abusing the goodness of the other person heart over and over again (using) then I think (me , IMO)something has to be done about it . How can you love if you don't respect the ohter person in those area I mention . Maybe counseling or even seperation in threatening situation is needet . Yes I also was in a abusive relationship befor and know what I talk about .
I am sorry if I got off track here , but I really had to say that and hope nobody is mad with me .
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Brandon, yes, he was sick. I don't think you're that way, but I used to throw stuff and hit things when I got mad too. Watching him taught me I needed therapy for that and I can usually take a deep breath and remind myself it isn't that bad and calm down. Took me 3 years though.
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Most men are babies and expect us women to be mind readers. They throw worse hissy fits over things than women do!!

I am very lucky though. My s/o is very patient and is not prone to tantrums or pouting. The worst behavior he exhibits is withdrawal and/or depression. I am the one who gets pissy about stuff and storm around
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I'm not sure whether all men are jerks.. men and women being equal.. we all have our tantrums and we all have ways to express anger... my ex laid his hands on me once and it terrified me so much I cowered in a corner. I'm still afraid when hands get too near to me. There are women like me who will fight back when beaten or rain slaps on him when I get mad. It all boils down to oneself I guess.

Maintaining a relationship is tough... i guess lots of us can agree to that. It takes two hands to clap and no one relationship is the same.. I guess only the person involved can decide for herself or himself if the other person is doing the right thing or not. My ex used to tell me, the day he laid his hands on me, it was to wake me up from suicidal thoughts but I firmly believe that no guy under any circumstances should lay his hands on you.

Just my two cents worth..
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I can totally comprehend! Men suck sometimes don't they!!! Last nite my boyfriend & I got in a fite too. He wants me to help him eat healthier.. so last nite I went grocery shopping Spent $50 or so just on veggies & fruit & stuff for his lunch.. got home and decided to make him a big stir fry.. was goin to mix the rice with the veggies.. so he wouldn't feel obliged to put a PILE of ketchup on it. (Like isn't that gross enuf?? Ketchup on RICE???) When I try to explain nicely how ketchup is full of salt & crap.. he Gets pissed, storms off and doesn't talk to me for the rest of the evening.

Why do we bother trying sometimes??? i wonder...
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My s/o isn't a jerk, usually, but on the rare occasions when we fight, he always manages to make it all my fault. I would just get mad, and things would really blow up. One of the things I am learning in school, mostly pertaining to clients, is learning to be assertive without being aggressive, and I think it is confusing him.
I just wish he would occasionally get up from the computer and DO something. He always tells me to let him know if anything needs to be done, but I am neither his mommy or a nagging bitch, and usually find it easier just to do things myself, which really irritates me. Then he acts all insulted and says "why didn't you say something?" If I do ask him to something, he acts like I am bothering him. I am about ready for target practice on the computer. We are supposed to be selling the old motorcycle, but it has been sitting without wiring for a year and a half. Every time I mention it, he gets mad, goes to the garage and does just enough to shut me up. I am going to pay someone to fix it this Spring when we have the money, I guess. He says it is not the time of year to sell it, but if it does not get fixed, that time of year will come and go AGAIN.
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I'm not a jerk hehehe...

Whether not a man hits a women is entirely based on his up bringing
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Originally posted by Hwangster
Whether not a man hits a women is entirely based on his up bringing
Regardless of the upbringing it is still very wrong!
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I am not justifying the action. I am just saying the parents are just as much to blame.

I'm sorry for the unfortunate situation.
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Originally posted by blondiecat
MEN can't live with them....Can't kill them OH well in a way I think most(not all)men are born with the @**hole gene. Ken is in the top five on the list tonight anyway.

I seem to attract the ones who think they are macho, know it all and think a woman should just be around to cook clean and other "activities".

Why is it that men (no offense to you good ones, I know there are some very good, kind,decent men still left in the world) put on a big "show" in the beginning when you are dating? Like they seem to really care what went on in your day, how it was, and how you are feeling about things....then after the wedding ring is on, they could care less about your day or anything going on in your life that does not directly involve them. Why not tell us up front what they expect of us, (supper on the table in a timely manner, house kept spotless, baby them when they are sick even if they don't give a fig when your sick, don't talk about your feelings, generally leave them alone unless you are providing for their needs/wants and God forbid you expect anything from them!) I think it is "false advertising" for them to seem so caring in the beginning and then change later. Or maybe I have just had bad luck.
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