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Boy or Girl?????

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I know this isn't anything to do with "behavior" but I don't know where to post this question and since I have a thread here already I figured I post a new one.This might be silly but we are stumped. The problem is:
My sister's neighbor found a stray cat who was very friendly but she couldn't keep it because of allergies. Since she couldn't keep the cat she gave him/her to my sister who is already a cat owner. By the actions and disposition of this cat she could tell that this cat already had a previous owner (eventhough there are no ads in the news paper or reward signs for a missing cat with the discription of this one)...anyway to make a long story short she doesn't know if this cat is a boy or a girl! She thought he/she was a neutered male until she discovered tiny nipples on his belly which now she isn't so sure :confused2...she said the cat obviously looks like a neutered male until the discovery of the nipples. Now she is very confused because she has three other cats who are two males and one female who are spayed and neutered. She compared the new cat to the three...of course the female has nipples; one male didn't and the other male's fur is too long to tell. The question is do male cats (neutered or not) have nipples just like female cats? When I checked my male cat (Meanow) I couldn't tell...I am asking this question because everyone who posted something on this site have cats and you all are VERY helpful! If anyone can let me know if it is possible for a male cat to have just as many nipples as a female cat you will help put a arguement at ease and you will also be helping my confused sister! thank you all so much !
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All cats, female and male have nipples. Sometimes the males nipples are hard to find as they are tinier than the females, but all cats have nipples.
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Female cats have 2 close openings (anus & vulva) whereas males have anus, testes & penis respectively..I have never seen any neutered male cat, but I don't know if this knowledge isn't enough to tell the sex

As for the teats, all cats have them. (usually 8 of them)
Don't men have nipples, too ?
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Attached should help - good luck
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