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Supplements explored

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Interesting article in The New Yorker

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Highly interesting, especially such little gems as these:
"Each year, supplement manufacturers contribute millions of dollars to political candidates. The industry has been remarkably successful in arguing that, because the First Amendment protects commercial speech, it can be used in defense of any claim that includes even a hint of truth."


"With the vigorous help of Senator Orrin G. Hatch, a principal sponsor of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, the area has become a magnet for supplement companies. Hatch has been the industry’s greatest champion and has consistently fought tighter regulations on products like ephedra. (So has his son, Scott, who has earned millions of dollars for firms that lobby on behalf of supplement companies.)"

I take a calcium supplement on my doctor's advice, and JC gets a weekly supplement of Omega fatty acids for his EGC, but in general, I'm quite sceptical about this type of thing. No sooner is something
the answer to any health problem (real or imagined) that you have, than the first deaths occur. Remember tea tree oil? How many people ended up killing their cats? I really believe this "junk" should be regulated by the FDA.
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Yikes - I didn't know about tea tree oil being toxic to cats! A quick google search revealed links regarding both the toxicity to cats AND cat care products containing tea tree oil.

Thanks for the info.
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Yes sadly Tea Tree oil is very toxic to cats. I lost a beautiful cat last year when the groomer used a new shampoo on him, one that was found later to contain tree tea oil.
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Wow, thats too long to read. Good info in the parts I did read though!
Lets see... I take: MultiVitamin, some Vit. E, Vit. C, cycle Creatine mon., and sometimes L-Glutamine.
We have a lot of shampoos around the house with this Tea Tree oil, Ill warn everyone about its danger to cats.

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I didn't know about the tea tree. Thanks
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A big problem is that some supplements or natural remedies become all the rage (e.g., aloe vera is really "in" right now in Germany; I've used it all my life on minor burns, but it never entered my mind to actually ingest it), and then people start to use them on their pets. Despite media reports, tea tree products for cats, including shampoo, flea sprays and collars, are still on the market here. Some (premium or holistic) cat foods contain garlic, and I've seen several recipes for homemade cat food which call for it, despite the fact that it can cause anemia in cats. The same holds true for onions; both are contained in many baby foods which people feed their cats.
The article also mentioned that a woman was recommended to take a natural product to fight menopausal symptoms that was made in Germany, because the controls were much stricter (t)here. Hmmm. Germany was one of the countries with the highest number of Thalidomide babies. It was also the country that okayed "Lipobay", which caused a number of deaths before it was taken off the market.
There seems to be a misconception that "natural" automatically means "safe". No way.
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