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Untouchable... sort of...

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Many times I've come across people on here who have cats that don't like being stroked. I have one of those too... She is a very intelligent kitty who follows me around and loves me, but doesn't like to be stroked more than once.

Sarah, my cat, seems to learn everything so fast. Last weekend I wondered if I could teach my cat to sit on my lap, despite her not liking that sort of thing. So, I decided I would give her her favorite treats only when she sat on my lap. Sarah is the funniest thing, now she is with me all the time. She sits next to me, she lets me pick her up and place her on my lap. I give her a treat then stroke her and she sits there waiting for another. She has even started letting me carry her around the house! It's amazing! She never let me do that sort of thing before... it's always been too much touching. She has actually stopped wiggling as much to be put down.

Has anyone else tried this sort of thing before? I'm going to keep working on it and see if I can get her to so more cuddling with these treats and maybe one day she will decide she likes it rather than putting up with it for a treat.

Whatever she is doing, I feel so happy to be able to hold her more than 10 seconds.
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congratulations! hope this grows into cuddles & kitty kisses minus the treats
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I'm glad this has worked for you. She sounds like she is a real sweatheart.
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That is a great idea, I have never tried that...I would, but whenever I open the treat container I am bombarded by kitties.
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Rosie certainly knows what her treat bag looks and sounds like!.

Show her the bag, and she's on you in a second!!

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Sarah doesn't know her treat bag... she knows a crinkling bag sound. She comes when I have a zip lock bag, chip bag, cracker package. LOL I guess since she is so eager that is why it is working.
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