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Hello everyone. I have been registered and reading this site for close to one month now but never introduced myself. Sooooo, here goes:
My name is Daniela and I live in Wareham, Massachusetts. I married and have two beautiful children, David (5) and Davina ( 21 months ). I have to admit, my husband is not a "cat person", he only agreed to get her because my son really wanted a kitty. But amazingly he seems to get along with Sunshine just fine so far. We bought Sunshine from a local pet store. They failed to reveal that she was expecting kittens!! Our first instinct was to return her, but I've already fallen in love with her, and my kids adore her! She is an all black long hair domestic w/ bright yellow eyes ( hence the name sunshine ). She is very docile and loving , although doens't seem to like being held too much. So far we have enjoyed having her in the family, although with her being pregnant I am not sure of her "true" personality. We have planned on spaying her as soon as possible after the kittens arrive. I don't want any more surprises, even though she is an indoor kitty.
I will be keeping everyone posted on her progress, I believe she is due in the next week sometime.
ps. I owned a Sealpoint a few years back who was the most loving cat I had ever seen. I thought I'd never find another kitty that was as easy going, but I think I have !!!
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Welcome to the catsite Daniela! That must've been a real shocker finding out Sunshine is pregnant. Have you been trying to find homes for the kittens? I hope you do find homes. Pet stores are notorious for doing things like that. That's why our organization tells people if they are looking for a cat or dog, go to the local shelters.

I'm glad you introduced yourself. Hope to see you posting more!

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Yes, it was quite a shocker. Its funny because about 6 years ago a friend of mine asked me if I could watch her cat while she was on vacation. Well, two days later the kitty had 2 kittens right on my living floor!! I was in utter shock to put it mildly. I ended up adopting one of the kittens. So it seems I have a calling for pregnant cats!!! As far as homes, yes I have several friends who want them.....I am sure they'll be very well cared for.
I would've gone to a shelter, except the only one in my area had no available kittys. I could've looked at others in different towns, but when I walked in this particular pet store and saw Sunshine I just fell for her immediately. She is so pretty, and she was so docile. I think I made a good choice, kittens and all!!!
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Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really glad you have joined us!!!!!!! Sunshine sounds like a doll!!!!!!!! Do you have pictures?
Keep us updated on her babies when she has them!
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Welcome! I'm so glad you found such a sweet cat for your family. I also have two young children (4 and 2) and they love the cats. Let us know how it goes with the babies!
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Welcome! Your Sunshine sounds like an angel ! Please keep up posted on her progress and get pictures of her and of course the babies once they are born too! Best wishes and good luck with the pregnancy and delivery!
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Welcome!! Sunshine sounds like a wonderful kitty. Be sure to let us know when the babies arrive!
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Welcome dtolle and Sunshine; We are certainly having fun at this Site with all the new babies and expectant babies (both 2 and 4 legged) :pinky: We can't wait to hear all about the kitties when they arrive! It is so good that you have been planning ahead and asking friends about giving them "loving homes". We hope to see you posting here often. TLK and her 6 =^.".^= 's
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Hi Daniela, and welcome!

I hope to see soon a picture of your Sunshine!

I have 3 cats, Melisse, Thea and Sebastian, that you can see in another thread:here

PS: and post a pic of her babies when they come...
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Hope things go well with the new addition and her kitties. I had a cat when I was growing up and I always remember all the speical things they did. Sounds like your children are finding this to be true with Sunshine. I have attached a picture of my niece with her cat.
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Hi and welcome. Sunshine sounds wonderfull. Please let us know about the kittens and post pics if you can.
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Thank you all for wonderful welcome posts!! Everyone here seems to be very friendly and sweet. I know I'll be posting frequently once the kittens arrive!
We go to the vet tomorrow to find out exactly when she is due. I really think it will be this week sometime. I'll be sure to announce when it does happen.
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Miss Whitney...

That is the most adorable picture! It looks like they are the best of pals!!! And your niece is such a cutie!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
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Thank you for the nice comments on the picture of my niece, Sari and her cat, Mandy. They are best pals. She is almost three and is a sweet little girl.:girly2:
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Dear Daniela :angel2:
It's great that you've finally posted and "WELCOME" That's quite a story you have there about your kitty Sunshine ! I pray that her delivery of the kitty's is an easy one I'm sure you're very excited! I know I would be. I hope you can post some pictures up real soon.
PS...Ms. Whitney, what a gorgeous pic of your neice and her cat..she looks very proud of her :kitty
Love, Peace &
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Just have to add, Miss Whitney....what an adorable neice you have!! And the cat is beautiful too!! What a precious picture!!!!!!!!!!
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