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Don't know whether this truly belongs here, or just the Lounge proper, but it is pics, so...

I just wanted to introduce to you a little lady with a BIIIG job. Shaughna is the kitty who tends all the folks on the fourth floor in my Dad's care facility -- 75 residents, plus umpty-nine staff, and many family members. She picked Dad's room for her afternoon nap today, and I just happened to have the camera with me...

She's a real little luvbug, with a great purr, and, of course, she owns the place.

Pics are not the clearest, because I've been working on taking kitty shots without flash (on the whole, liking the result), and she's a bit of an earwig -- though she's not in the least fazed by the camera -- I think anything that constitutes attention is fine with her
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she is pretty I think its great that they keep pets to pass out love to the residents
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Aww what a cutie pie!!
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What a pretty lady!
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She is such a pretty girl! I bet she gets a lot of love, and she must make such a difference to the residents!
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Aw! What a great job she does. She is stunning.
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She does indeed do a great job. She visits everyone, and everyone she visits loves her attention. I left Dad a little after 1 this afternoon, and I'll bet dollars to donuts she was still on his bed when it was time for him to go to bed.

She's been there for less than a year. Her predecessor, Nessy, headed for the Rainbow Bridge early last summer -- she was over 20. They found her a spot in the flower bed out front, and there's a lovely marker there. There are a pair of tuxedo kitties who perform the same duties on the third floor.

Actually, not a bad life for a kitty, 'cuz they're quite deliberate about having feline friend(s) for the residents -- and make a point of giving a home to a shelter kitty or other homeless babe. Also any pets who want to visit are welcome -- well, as far as the humans are concerned, at least -- Shaughna has been known to give dogs what-for
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What a gorgeous kitty! I'll bet she gets spoiled rotten!
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awwww she's a pretty girl
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Cute kitty, I bet that kitty feels lots of love .What a good thing to have at the home...
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That's great. I wish more homes would adopt that policy. It makes such a difference in the lives of those people.
The shelter where we got our cats from has people do visitations with some of the cats in the shelter, which is good for the cats and residents.
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What a wonderful thing that the facility has cats! My Fred would love that job.
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How cute! I just want to snuggle up with her!
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My Mom works at a care home in White Rock! They have a HUGE pure white female kitty. She must weigh 25 pounds though! She is so fat she hardly gets around anymore!

Very pretty girl!
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Shaughna is a very pretty cat.

This is Missy, the cat that "works" at the home where I work, we have a dog, a fish and a bird aswell at work.
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Shaughna This brings happy tears to my eyes knowing that the residents get the company and companionship of a beautiful loving cat and she gets lots of attention as well!

Way to go Shaughna!
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Yeah, I think it's pretty special. One of many things they do to make it as much like "home" as possible -- for which I am no end grateful, as you may well imagine. There are also aquariums in the dining rooms on both floors.

It's also nice to see a kitty who might not have had a home at all lucking into one where there is an abundance of humanity to be besotted with her.

She doesn't get spoiled with treats, because most, if not all, of the humans who might be guilty of that were made aware right up front that she does have some problem with her hips (don't remember detail), which apparently can be expected not to give her any difficulty -- as long as she doesn't get overweight. So, those of us who might unbalance her diet unwittingly, simply don't. But that doesn't stop us from giving her all the lovin' she can absorb -- which is a fair bit!

Dad used to call himself "not a cat person", but learned about cats while living with us. He now has pics of our three on his wall, and is suitably honoured whenever Shaughna pays him a visit. It's rather sweet.

Nice to meet Missy -- she's a sweetie, too.
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Missy is gorgeous too
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