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Hello! I am new sort of...

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Hi everyone! Apparently I have posted here before cuz it said my email address was already in use, and sure enough I was able to log on. But I am going to pretend this is the first time because I haven't been to these forums for a loooong time!

I live in Kent, OH. I have 4 cats among my other animals. I have a beautiful 7 year old persian male named Elliot who I adpoted from the humane society I worked at. He has a snaggle tooth and it is adorable! I have a longhair 2 year old tortie female named India adopted from the Animal Protective League. I have a shorthair black 9 month old named Noir who came from someone who decided he didnt have the money for food and litter. Last but not least, I have a large longhaired ragamuffin 6 month old named Merlot who was found on my uncle's farm.

Well that is a little introduction to my babies. I will try to post some pictures as soon as I can figure out how! Check them out!
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Hi there, welcome to TCS. Can't wait to see the pics
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Hey neighbor!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in ohio also

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Welcome back and enjoy your stay
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welcome to the boards!!!
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Hello and welcome to the Board.
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Welcome to the site from another Ohioan
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Hello and welcome
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Glad you've came back. Welcome to the boards.
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Welcome (back) Jen!
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Here is Elliot. I am not very good at picture posting so i am going to do them individually, unless this one comes out too big or something goes wrong. Its kind of hard to see his snaggletooth in this pic but it is there!
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Ok this is an upside-down Noir. We call here Nora cuz its easier to say. Noir is the french word for black. She is the one who came from a guy who just decided he didn't feel like taking care of her anymore. She is the biggest cuddler and as soon as I sit down she is in my neck cuddling and purring so loud. I normally dont care much for shorthair cats because of the way they shed, but what isn't to like about her! The guy also didn't get her spayed so I have to wait til her appointment on feb 27 and put up with her going into heat all the time!
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This is India. I think I said above that India and Merlot are long hair but they are actually medium hair. They are like mother and daughter. About a year and a half apart or so. They sleep together, walk together, act alike, and Merlot will come and look for India to groom her. It is so cute!
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Last but not last Merlot. The baby. She is so sweet, the second you pick her up she goes limp in your arms. She loves people!
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Jen, you have four beautiful kitties!!! Each one is prettier than the last...
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