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Being adopted by our kitty coming here and reading all your stories has inspired me . After doing some research our humane society used to have a website but no longer Ive put out a call to some of my designer friends to donate some graphics , I am a host (web space provider ) so I can donate that , and I'm going to purchase them their domain name back . We also plan on donating food litter etc as well as some hands on time.

We sat our kids down today to talk to them about pitching in as a family to help the animals.

In the beginning I thought we had just adopted a cat , I didn't realize the depth and life changing effect it would have .

Thank you to all of you who spend your lives rescuing the homeless animals
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That is wonderful Dana! I love it when TCS makes a difference, one life at a time!
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Good for you for doing something so great to help the animals!

I used to know a family where the two little girls, by their own choice, decided that for their birthday parties one year to have all the guests bring pet supplies, which they donated to the area shelter. I thought that was a great idea, and thought I would post it in case anyone else wanted to use it or do something similiar!
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Thats so great!!!
and an awesome way to teach your kids to love
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