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dirty bum

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Hi all,

My lovely tortoiseshell Tootsiebabes has a habit of getting dried poop sticking to her fur right next to her tail, I have cut it off on two occasions before but it came off itself the last time.

Should she not groom herself and keep it clean.

I thought cats were very clean animals.

Could there be something wrong that she is not cleaning herself?


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She is a long hair and needs to have her fur clipped also clipped off the back of her legs. You might also look into what you are feeding her, that can make a difference. And although cats are fastidious about cleaning, I haven't met one yet that will clean off that kind of a mess except a momcat for her kittens. Also is your cat overweight? She may not be able to clean herself properly if she is to fat.
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She needs to be shaved or have her hair clipped around the anus.
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Funnily enough, Rosie had 3 very small bits on her last week!.
Although she's a shorthair, she's very fluffy underneath and up her bottom area.
When i saw them i tried to remove them with baby wipes, but it was taking forever, so i just cut them off!.

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My male Pixie Bob has had this happen to him before too. He has a medium lenghth coat, but the fur near his behind is kinda long. He was also a little on the chunky side, so that didn't help either. He has now slimmed down ever since we got Amber, she keeps him busy with all the playing.
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Get the scissors! My Max is a long hair and I have to cut his fur back there about once a month so nothing sticks. Your cat will thank you for it!
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That happened to Faile a few weeks ago. She was running frantically around the house, when I noticed she stopped to drag her butt on the floor, I figured out what was wrong. I grabbed her and cleaned her up. Guess I'll have to trim her hair.
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