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My hubby is so wonderful

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He just finished building an enclosure for the litter pans that the cats can now access both inside and outside our house. He built it under our back steps to keep it out of sight and put up sides under the stairs to keep the dog out, but left a cat door so the cats can get in an out. No more litter boxes upstairs!
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That is very cool! What a thoughtful hubby! Now make him a nice dinner!
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That sounds wonderful to me and so nice of him to think about the kitties and you . Any pics for us to see .
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There is not much to see Hedi,

he cut an access hole so the cats who are inside the house can access the space. He put up some boards on the outside of the stairs, cut a cat sized hole in one side, and then laid a board underneath the stairs to keep the dog from poking her snout into the boxes. He cut higher air vents on both boards to keep air circulating and made it so one side slips out and I can get under and clean the boxes. He also hung up a hook so I can hang the scoopers. LOL
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Thanks M.A. for the explanation . You never know if some else may want to do this and were thinking in those terms with the pic .
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Arent husbands great !
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Awwwwww Mike is sooo sweet! It sounds great Mary Anne.
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That sounds neat. That man deserves a special hug and some pampering.
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That's great! I wish my fiancee knew how to build stuff
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Very neat MA! Kudos to your hubby and the lucky cats!!
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That's something different and very creative. Now you have to treat your husband with extra care. Hehehe!
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How sweet! Mike sounds like a very handy guy
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Mike is wonderful !! Always thiking of you and the cats, dog and the horses. High 5's to Big Mike !

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That was so very sweet of him to do! Mike is such a great guy!

And Darlene.. nice to see you on the boards!
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Thank you, Hissy, from one of apparently a limited number of men hereabouts. I could not help being struck by the irony posed by the subject of your thread, pointedly expressing appreciation to your DH, with the next generalization, branding all men, without exception, as jerks, with member after member joining in. Some of us really do try. I, for example, am in charge of our furries' cat box. What more might one expect of a hubby?

All in fun. :-)

All the best to all, and may all your hubbies be like Hissy's. And me.

Good cheer, from Jim, on a Texas beach
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James, I do not classify all men as jerks. I recognize the thread for being written in the heat of the moment and know that Brenda does not really think that way, she was just frustrated. Just like the female population there are good ones and bad ones of both gender. Men are just misunderstood because they don't go by the same rules as we do. I married a jerk long ago, and it took some rough lessons for me to learn before I got the heck out of Dodge! I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice. Thankfully, I did not!
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Debby, Hissy and all; I am tryin to get back to TCS posting on a regular basis. I miss you all. //////// My health has not been good, but I am gradually getting treatment that works !!! (after 3 yrs. of mis-diagnosis and being shuffled from bad to worse medical professionals
Debby, I feel so out of touch. How is your daughter ? How old is she ? E-mail or PM me and we can catch up.

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I am so overjoyed to see you Darlene!!!!!!!!!!
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Ack! A Darlene sighting!
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Thats a really neat idea
My husband built the cats a window seat last night...complete with leopard padding
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