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Quick update on Funny Face

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The vet tech that decided to keep Funny Face has several other kitty rescues at home, and two dogs. Funny Face has made great friends with the dogs and one of the cats. He now has free roam of the place, though pretty much keeps to the bedroom. There's a tree in the bedroom - and for a while he liked it better than the litter box (what feral wouldn't, LOL!) They solved this problem by lining the soil with moss - which he now loves as his bed! We're going to lend them our digital camera for pics - but he loves to sleep on his back on the moss under the tree. If he's on his back with legs splayed, he really must be feeling comfortable in his new home.
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I can't wait to see a pucture of him sleeping on his back under the tree!

I am sooooo excited that he has adapted so well to his new home! And, to think that had he not been injured, he would still be living outside in the snow! Amazing twist of fate!
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OMG how wonderfull , I am so happy for FunnyFace . I also cant wait to see some pics of him
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Renae, I really can't believe how quickly he did adjust. Gary and he had been having "conversations" for months, and Gary had a feeling he would make a wonderful pet (he did bolt the barn where he was relocated to come back here) - but he's close to two years old. I really think the Vet Tech has that gift with animals, because though he was terrified, he loved snuzzling with her after the first time she picked him up. I don't know if I told you the story, but the Vet Tech that was going to take him had just rescued another one and felt she was at her max. This one felt a soft spot for Funny, and was working to socialize him while he was in the boarding facility. He did stink - and she decided to give him a bath. He didn't complain at all (terrified, obviously). But after he was all dry and fluffed up, she picked him up to cuddle. He peed on her - and her reaction, instead of EW! was - poor guy's scared out of his mind. She cleaned him and her up - and tried again. I know it's not how we recommend socializing ferals - but this was a boarding facility situation, not a home, so conventional methods didn't exist. The second time, he shoved his head into her armpit, and started purring. From then on, he didn't want to be petted so much as picked up and loved on. I think the two of them bonded with her holding him, and that really might have helped his socialization at her home. Of course, I'd never recommend holding a terrified feral. Obviously the only reason she was able to was because he was in the boarding facility of an animal hospital (although theirs is really nice - not wire cages - and segregated from the hospital part) and he WAS terrified. Too terrified to fight about it. But - somehow it worked for them, and I am so glad for both of them.
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What a great story. She sure sounds like she has a gift. I guess she is a feral-whisperer!
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That is GREAT news about Funny Face! A special lady for a special cat.
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