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Ok, it seems that this site has got a lot of smilies, (197, to be precise) but I know of a Russian site who has a smilie library of 766 smilies which are clickable for forums. You click the smilie, copy its address and the paste it here on the forum. They are 3-D smilies to make it better.

The site is

Here is a small example of smilies

Oh, and here is one for those who absolutely need to say a bad word:

What do you think of this?
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Here is the site I use- and thank you for your contribution as well:

Best Smileys
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Thank you both: I collect .gifs, and have just bookmarked both sites. It's funny how many smilies show up on Web sites all over the world - there's no way to observe copyrights! The Russian site has some I've never seen before.
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Collect .gifs? How can I save a moving .gif? Tell me, my hard disk is big enough... 80 GB.

Check this one! Describes perfectly what is needed to get me away from the computer!
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I hope this works : TESTING

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Thank you both for the link ,I like a lot

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Both sites are cool! Thanks! I'm always looking for new, interesting smilies.
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Great sites
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These are cool
where do you all keep your gifs...on your computer?
Id like a free place to keep them so i can put them in my posts
Btw how do i do that?
Im not asking for much i? LOL
I have my pics at imagestation
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Great page. I love all the smilies!!!

I like this one
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Thanks for that. I love smilies. Especially this one which I found on your link
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I've been trying to find a site with some interesting smilies. Thanks for the site!
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I bookmarked this site,thanks

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Nice find!!!
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really good - hope this works

no it didnt - will have to give this some thought!

cant get it to paste
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I found Smiling faces today it's really good!!!
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Thanks for those sites! I love them!
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Smiley Central is great and easy to use as well. Ok thats odd it works on all the other boards i go to.
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