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Jake is gone!!!

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Hi everyone. I am writing to say that I am feeling very depressed.
Two weeks ago, someone left the window of my apartment open(I live in the basement of a house). I was out with my children. And Jake got out. I've been searching for him, left food out, called all the animal shelters, but have not found him. My mother says he will eventually come home. But I don't know if he is still alive or if someone else found him. I've put ads in the paper but no luck. I miss my baby. He is neutered but he still had that longing to be outdoors. I am just hoping he is ok. I will continue to visit the cat site just to say hi and maybe sometime in the future, get a new friend. Until then, I am praying he will come home. I looked at his food bowl and and the food seems to disappear. I don't think its Jake because he would be scratching at my window. There are other cats roaming the neighborhood. But I miss him. He is only 7 months old.
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One suggestion would be to put a picture of Jake up asking if anyone has seen him. You also might want to canvass the neighborhood. someone might've taken him in seeing as he is so young. Keep putting out the food.

Good luck. Keeps us posted.

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Sorry you have lost Jake. Hopefully he will return. Sometimes they go away for a couple of weeks then return. This happened to me years ago with a cat. I thought I had lost her for good. So dont lose hope just yet.

Also just a suggestion you could go to the shelter near you. Maybe he was taken there.
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I hope you find him soon!

don't give up hope. keep looking for him
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If you have an old shirt or sweatshirt you don't care much what happens to it. Put it on and give yourself a full work-up. Get that sucker so sweaty you would have to wring it out to get it dry! Then take it off and put it outside so Jake can scent it. I have used this method many times, and it always works. The trick is to get it so wet with your personal smell that the wind can carry it to the lost one. Don't despair, Jake will be back. Sometimes cats are hiding nearby and just playing with you. Not that this is much fun for us..I will pray he finds his way home....
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I pray that Jake comes home to you soon. I can only imagine how upsetting that is. Good luck finding him.. I'm sure he'll make his way home to mommy soon!

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Nena10: Any news about Jake? He has been in my thoughts ans prayers!
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I understand completely what you are going through and I will be praying for Jake to find his way home!! I had the same thing happen to me!!!! Patches who was six months old at the time (and who's litter mate had just gone into heat) got out from the apartment I lived in when the maintenance man came by to change the airfilters (during the day while I was gone) and left the front door open!!!! He must have closed it in time because the other two didn't get out! Well she had never been outside before other than when she was rescued at just barely 4 weeks old. I was histerical it was in the middle of December and half of the complex was surrounded by woods and the other half a major street.

I suggest you do what Hissy suggested. I also think you should put up as many flyers as you can with his picture or drawing/description of him. Emphasize on the flyers that Jake belongs to the children - sometimes when someone takes in an animal and they find out it is actually the pet of a child they discover their heart. I also suggest you actually go and visit the shelters because sometimes the people on the phone don't really give their 100% effort for you.

The flyers brought my Patches home to me 2 1/2 weeks later (just a couple days before Christmas). Someone who had seen it found her and then knew how to find me! Keep up the search and I'll be praying!!!
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I hope you find Jake very soon. Whatever you do, don't give up.

Good Luck!
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I have also done what Hissy suggested and it worked. I hope your baby comes home soon. I pray that he returns soon.
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I understand that cats have a range of about 5 miles from their home. Every time I have had a cat get out, he has been found within a mile of my house. (The females came home or never left the yard, a few of the males needed to be brought home.)

People walking dogs often notice other animals, you might ask some of them. Posters are good, put them outside on phone poles but also in local businesses if you can, like the grocery store. Call vets, too, since an injured animal might get brought in by a kind soul. Plus the clients are likely to keep an eye out on your behalf.

Good luck finding your missing fuzz friend.
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I hope Jake will come home soon. You know, maybe he wanted to have a taste of the outside world? Don't give up, put some flyers and ask in the neighborood if someone has seen hime.

Thinking of you,
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Nena - could he be trying to return to your old neighborhood? If I remember correctly - you just moved not too long ago? I am so very sorry for you and will add Jake to my prayers for a safe return.
You are in my thoughts.
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Oh Nena!!!! I am SO very sorry to hear Jake is prayers are with him, and with you....I know how you must feel....I would feel the samw way if Merlin was missing... but I am sure Jake is still alive and will be coming home to you soon!!!!!!

Please keep us informed!!!!!!! we will worry!!!!!!!!

I think we should all light a candle for Jake tonight, and pray he finds his way home...I know I will.
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Nena; I will be praying for Jake's speedy return. I will also keep you in my prayers; that you will be strong and not give up hope. Keep a positive attitude and let us know the minute he comes home. . . .

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Nena, I am so sorry about your Jake. I know the heartache of losing a beloved pet and just not knowing. Several years ago My wonderful Tigger got out and wandered away. I spent countless days and nights scouring the neighborhood, calling him and saying silly things that I only say to my cats out loud, hoping he would respond. We even drove around the streets looking for him, and hoping to find him. One day I had given up....I said I was finished searching for him. Bette said her dream was to pull into the driveway and have him sitting there. As we pulled into the driveway, sure enough, there was my little Tigger sitting in the garage, as though waiting for us. He had been there the whole time, hiding in boxes. He hid when we pulled in, but I quickly closed the garage door, sat in the other car, and coaxed him out of hiding saying those same stupid things, and bribing him with cheese. Even though he knew us, he would not come out around us outside. Maybe your Jake is closer than you think. I will pray that you find him soon.
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Dear Nena :angel2:

It's only been one day and I know it's tough...I remember my kitty doing the same thing and he was gone for three days. I almost lost it. I was never so amazed until I saw him running up the driveway crying! He was starved. I guess they just have this innate streak in them that they want to explore or something :confused3: Sometimes, I wondered if he was very far off at all...but who knows

Jake will be in my prayers as well as you Nena...have faith

Love, Peace &
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Nena, don't give up hope!! All the suggestions here have been great and are all worth trying, a neighbour of ours lost their kitty (the night before they had removed his collar to groom him, and he got out in the morning before it had been put back on) he was gone for 3 weeks, but he was eventually found 5 miles away from home!! He had been left at a vets who our neighbours had already contacted!! The vet called them asap and they went to get him straight away.

So even if its more than a few days - don't give up!! You are in my thoughts love....

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PLease don't give up! Keep looking for Jake! I'll be thinking about you and praying that nothing happened to him. Please keep us updated on how it's going!
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Hi everybody. Its been three weeks and alot of searching, but still, no sign of my Jake. Thanks for the advise and I am doing as you all suggested. I've posted flyers all over and been going to the shelters to see if he is there. I have been meaning to put one of those microchips ID tags on him before he ran away, but he left.
I have left food out for him to come, but either the other neighboring cats or the birds have eaten it. I leave the window open so that he can crawl if he comes back. I miss him very much.
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Oh nena....I did not realize it had been three weeks since he disappeared. But please do not lose faith....a friend of mine had a cat who would wander off sometimes for a month or two, then he would come back...every time. Please keep us informed if anything new develops!! Our prayers are with you and with Jake, that he will be safe, and come home soon.
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Nena; I can "hear the PAIN in your words, but do not give up hope. . . . . . I am remembering when you first talked of getting Jake and how much you felt he loved you and the kids. I just hope he is doing that "male alley cat Tom Cat Prowl thing" and he will be home soon.

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Hmmm, have you tried advertising a bit further away? Cats have this peculiar desire to get in peoples cars sometimes!! - Thats what my neighbours cat did,so maybe you could try putting an advert in the local paper and going a bit further affield (sp?) with your posters/pictures etc. Also, have you informed all vets /groomers and boarding catterys? - Some people will just take a lost cat to the nearest place to do with animals, people don't usually think of looking/asking groomers in the area. Just a thought dear, hope you find him soon..

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