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Just a little vent!

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This is my first year without a valentine... it's irritating cos every channel on TV is advertising on valentine's day dinner and programmes and I even get mails about looking for some valentine to spend the day with.. boy, this is frustrating cos while everyone has got a valentine, i'm gonna be alone on that day!!! Will somebody send me a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers?????????
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I could, but have you got any idea how pricy it is to send something from Puerto Rico to Singapore? If I could I would send you some belgian chocolate

Now, don't worry about that, its much better to spend a February 14 without a valentine than with someone who isn't your type, to say the least. Don't worry, for the day its just a folly. Who knows you may find your half orange in February 15!

Well, anyway, if my plots turn out well, I will spend that day with Vicky in her house with all our video game collections and I will make sure to have a large box of Hershey's chocolate bars. Sorry, if I get you with more need to vent.
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I probably wont get anything either...hubby is mad at me...oh well...
Ill be just as happy curling up with my furbabies and a book
I hope u find someone to spend the day with...
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Some valentine chocolate just for you, Kate, and NO CALORIES!!!
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And some roses as well!
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hey Sue,

thanks a whole lot for the chocolates and the roses..

hey Lorien,

I sure hope hubby is not gonna be angry for too long and spends the day with you

hey yoviher,

that's so sweet of you.. i know what you mean.. if he's not my type, it might just turn out to be a disaster!!
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I remember those days of not having a valentine well! Even though I'm married, I hate Valentine's Day still! I'd rather just ignore it.
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Kate, even if you did have a valentine, that wouldn't necessarily mean that you'd get chocolates or flowers - my hubby wouldn't dream of doing that, at least not on Valentine's Day, which he considers a "commercial invention". Still - you never know what might happen in the next three weeks so chin up!
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Thanks, spending so much time near Vicky teaches something! She can be called the "philosopher of love matters" while I am the "scientist who broke it down to a science". :angel2:

Originally posted by kateang

hey yoviher,

that's so sweet of you.. i know what you mean.. if he's not my type, it might just turn out to be a disaster!!
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Whilst I am - as you know - very happily married to my wife Carol, I cannot offer you a true valentine card in the sense of the word.
However, you have been an incredible friend to me over the last months - unsure how many. We have and continue to talk on MSN, you keep sending me things from your part of the world - cd's on relaxation that I listen to constantly - listening now to the cello one. You know its been hard for me at times and you have always made sure that you have been there just before I goto work on MSN (with mags) to give me a boost to start my day.
I cant be your valentine as in secret love, I can say though that if there was a friendship day - then your card would have to be collected from Singapore airport by crane as it would be that large.
You are therefore, my favourite lady friend (if you understand the words) in Singapore and therefore, my singapore valentine.
I wish you love and happiness.
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Kate we here LOVE you lots. Hugs always!

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thanks guys... I'm sure I'll be here on valentine's day.. it's a saturday... and i'm gonna be stuck at home....

hey kev,

thanks for being a friend too.. it has been a great thing knowing you and having you to push me along till where I am now...

hey sam,

thanks! Hugs!
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This is my first valentines day alone also!(She sounds sorry for herself!!).

It will be a year on the 14th of february that we officially parted.

Still, i have Rosie to show me some affection

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I've only been with my SO for 5 yrs so I remember clearly what you are feeling. Most of the time I was alone, my friends were all in relationships. But in the years we were all alone, we would go out to dinner, dressed to kill, and have fun together.
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