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Curiosity !!

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I hope someone can help me? I have posted this thread before, but i thought it fitting to put it in this section as hopefully a breeder might be able to help me..

I have attached a picture of our little (big) man. I am from Australia and i have been looking for pictures of breeds that my cat might be. He is a real mixture and the Maine Coon is the closest i have come to. His temprement is exactly the same from what i have read. He does the little chirp/ trill when he is happy and is a very quiet cat. He weighs about 5 to 6 kilos. He is not a fat cat just very big boned and muscular. Would anyone be able to help me out and let me know if he is a Maine Coon as it is not a rare breed in Australia..

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he is really cute! Not sure what breed though
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Looks like maybe a maine coone mix?
hes very pretty
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He's HUGE! He is probably a Maine Coon mix.
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Thank you all..

We have been told along the lines that he is a mix with something.. He is a lovely cat, quite timid tho due to being a feral & terrorised before we got him at 11 weeks..

He is just on 1.5yrs old, so i'd hate to see his size when he reaches about 5..

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