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Pics of our"porch purrers"

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Hope this works. Haven't had much luck posting pics.

This is MommaKitty with Angel(gray, orange and white tabby) and Skitters(black, orange and white). You can't see the orange parts in the picture but they are there. My daughter Katie named Angel and Sara named Skitters. I haven't seen any of them around today which is a bit unusual. Hope they come back or my daughters will be mad at me. They are in NY this week visiting one of their Grandmothers.
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Looks like that one worked!

Here's another shot of Angel. You can see the orange a little bit on her legs in this one. We don't have a good picture of Skitters because she is so skitterish, hence her name.
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Very cute! I can imagine your girls would miss them.
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And lastly, my personal favorite...Tiger. His stripes turn into spots on his back but the picture is too dark to see them. He's a riot to watch!! Always on the go!
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Gemini; I hope it is not "Presumptious" of me to "Proclaim" that your "Porch Purrers" are "Pur-r-r-rfectly Precious" They are so-o-o-o-o-o-o Purr-r-r-r-ty. I know it has been a fun time having them around. Will you try to keep all of them???? (and then have Mom spayed, of course) :pinky:

Don't worry about the quality of the pictures; the "candid" shots are the best.
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Very cute kitties.
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Thank you TLK. We think they are Purr-r-r-r-ty too! (But what kitty isn't?)
The girls and I would love to keep them all but hubby says no. We're still working on him. In the mean time, they are welcome to stay as long as they please. I told him last night he would have to build them a little house if they are still here when the weather gets cold. We are still not able to get too close to the little ones which is killing us because we want to hold them so badly but they will play with one of those cat toy things that looks like a fishing rod with a piece of cloth attached to the end of a string. MommaKitty is still very protective of them which was very evident last night when the string got around Tigers neck when we were playing and I had to help him. She was right there and growled at me and got very nervous. I'm hoping that that had nothing to do with their disappearance today. I'm a little worried that she decided to take them someplace else because she felt they were not safe with us. As far as getting MommaKitty spayed, I've been thinking about that too and will more then likely do so if they stick around much longer.
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They are adorable. I hope they come back soon.
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How precious - they know a good thing - they'll be back!
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AWWWWWWWWWWWWW, they are SO cute!!!!! I am praying they will be back, soon!!!!
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Thanks everybody! I'm glad you liked the pictures. Katie has been taking them(she wants to be a professional photographer someday so she's been practicing on the kitties).
Also wanted you to know that they have returned. :blubturq: I saw MommaKitty about an hour ago and went out to talk to her and after a while the rest of the gang appeared on the steps. I stayed out there with all of them for a while and now they are chasing and eating bugs...they love to do that...so funny to watch!! :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 It wouldn't bother me so much but I worry they will get hit by a car. They are so sweet and innocent. :angel2: I don't want anything to happen to them.
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Hello Gemini,
I just viewed the pics of the kitties.
I especially like the first one...
Looks like the kitten on the left is
listening to mom's directions

Nomar's mommy
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Dear Gemini :angel2:

Those are some real cuties you have there! I would love to have another kitten but, I have six cats already, and I don't think they'd like it! :LOL:

Love, Peace &
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RedheadHon...she does look like she's listening to mom. I didn't see it that way until you mentioned that.
Catarina...The girls and I would love to keep at least one of the kittens but I don't think we will be. I've been reading several of the threads here on how to get them used to us and capturing them. I'd like to find them all nice homes if I can. I like the idea of using kitty treats but their mom would have to be removed 'cause she'd eat them all up before the babies got a chance!! :laughing: :laughing2
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Awww, they are so cute!!
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I am so glad they have returned!!
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