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Just a thought

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I think we need to put up a relationship support thread. LOL only because there are many of us that often talk about our personal relationships. I think it would be a good thread to start but that's just a thought
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Agreed, that would be a good thing to do if the mods agree to it!
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I am not sure if I follow you? Most of the threads here that deal with relationships are heavily supported on their own accord by anyone who responds to the problems at hand.
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True hissy but I just thought that it might cut down on some of the different threads. Kinda like there's the weight control support thread. just have one thread where people post anything concerns they have with any kind of relationship. So instead of a bunch of seperate threads there would only be one. Understand?
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ahh I see a merger of all of them. I will ask the other mods to give their input and we will see what we can do. I couldn't figure out what you were saying at first-
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That's why I tried to explain it better. But you did it even better then I did LOL Just an Idea I had after reading a few of the posts today or yesterady however you think about it. Thanks MA
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I think its a good idea. The threads talking about relationship problems are numerous. Feel free to start a 'relationship' one sort of like the weight loss one, and see where it goes!
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I think there is a value in having the threads separate. Each person's relationship issue is different and I think to amalgamate them into one will muddle the issue with people responding to individuals' problems.

I would suggest maybe having a separate area in the lounge for 'support and/or prayers needed'? This would define the topic and people will know exactly where to find the help and support they need.

The mutual support offered here is one of the reasons I keep coming back to TCS.
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I am going to go with Yola on this one. I like the idea of an ongoing thread where people are asking for good old board magic. It seems we always have a number of these threads popping up on the board. As to a relationship thread, well, perhaps someone would want to start one now, but it could be a major pain to weed through all the past threads and find the ones to merge. Why don't we start the new thread and go forward from this point?
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Actually Deb - I was thinking rather than a single thread, where everyone's good wishes would get muddled up, we have a dedicated lounge 'sub-section' (kind of), where people could post individual treads about their needs for good vibes.

I think to lump them all into just a single huge thread would get unweildy and a bit impersonal - coz most of the things being asked for are really important to the people asking for them.

JMHO . . .
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I see your point, Yola, but we have discussed among the mods in the past how having too many subforums gets confusing as well. Some people have trouble getting to all the forums we have as it is. Me, for one, as I only get on the site in the evenings during the week. Plus, the more subforums we create, the more we have to stop and wonder, what's the point of the Lounge anymore.
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A new relationship thread sounds good.. just start a fresh, good plan. I agree too many sub forums would get confusing.

Good input everyone.
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A brilliant idea!.
All agony aunts together

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sounds good to me
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What about putting a Relationship question tag on tbe thread? Like, I have seen the NSFW tag on some of the boards I post at. That'll make them stand out from the rest of the threads.
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