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Worried Bunny Mom

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I drop of my Niles at the vet tonight for his operation (snip snip) and I'm so worried!!

I hope he isn't too mad at me!
Also I hope the operation goes ok!!

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I am sure everything will be okay for your baby but I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and Niles. You may want to have someone at the clinic call you when his surgery is over to let you know everything is okay - most clinics don't mind doing this and it always makes me feel better.
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Dear WashuSama :angel2:

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Niles...don't worry sweetie, he'll be okay

He won't be angry at you...(at least by next week....j/k) Smile baby, they'll take real good care of him

Love, Peace &,
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WashuSama; I am sure your baby bunny will come thru just fine. If it were me, though, I would do as sfell suggested; and request a call after surgery, just to ease your tension. . . .
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I am sure all will go well but I know how you feel. My two Rocky and Gabby will be going in at the end of the month.
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Don't worry your little one will be just fine and still love you!
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Niles is going to be okay! it's a very basic & standard procedure, and he will make it through just fine
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I knew y'all would make me feel better!!

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My prayers are with Niles....Please let us know how it goes!!!!! He will be okay!!! I just know it! And you are a wonderful bunny moma!!! You are doing the right thing for him!
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Last night at the vet, Niles jumped up in my b/f's lap, he just had to pee on him one last time before he becomes dosile!!! (he has NEVER peed on me!)

It's been an on going thing, Niles will beg my boyfriend to pick him up, then pee all over him!! (of course *I* think it's funny)

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Dear WashuSama :angel2:

That is extreeeeeeeeeeeemly funny! :laughing2...the only reason why I say this is because my friend had a bunny rabbit named snowball and she was always bragging how snowball was the best rabbit and how he never peed on anyone! Well, I was just 10 or 12 at the time and believed just about anything anyone's told me, so I told my friend James that this rabbit never peed on anyone and he was safe to pick him up :LOL::LOL: Well as you can guess, snowball did pee on him but, we she was so embarrassed she told us that snowball just melted a little! :laughing2 :laughing2 TRUE STORY! :LOL: :LOL:

Love, Peace &
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That is funny!!!
someone told me, that they had to explain to a kid, that the bunnies were playing "leap frog" (we know what they were REALLY doing)

The vet just called, and said Niles is doing great, he is sniffing around, and hopping fine, I can pick him up in 2 hours.

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Dear WashuSuma :angel2:

You mean they really weren't playing "leap frog"????? :confused3:

:laughing2 :laughing2
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Awwwww, I am glad he is doing okay and will be home soon!

And Cat....the "melting" story was so cute!!!
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Hi there! We haven't heard from you and I was wondering how Niles was doing I'm sure he's a lot better than the first day you brought him home; but my question is if he's peed on your boyfriend yet? :LOL::LOL::LOL: I guess I wanted to see if it was a male thing, or maybe he just took his feelings out on him...:LOL: You know I'm just joking with you. Anyway...regards to your boyfriend and kudos to him as well; it's not everyday you get a g/f that has a rabbit who seems to p### on you every chance he gets :LOL: Now, that's one real way to test if a guy really loves ya!!!!! :LOL:

Hugs and bunnykisses to your baby Niles!

PS..I don't remember, did you tell us what you named your Prairie Dog?
Love, Peace &
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This is the WEIRDEST neuter experience I have ever had!
They took his testicles, but left the scrotum, it's weird looking..
And it didn't even phase him one bit, I brought him home, as soon as I set him down, he ran over and mounted the Prairie Dog (POOR PIKABU!!)

apearently it takes a few weeks for the hormones to get out of his system..



And I want to get another bunny!! I wonder if 2 boys would get along..
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HAHAHAHA! You must've been in hyserics afterwards :laughing2 Poor Pikabu...now, I remember his name! Well, that poor little boy must've gone into shock!

You are too much! He should be okay in a couple of weeks, just like you estimated. Maybe a month...but probably no more than that.

Do you have any more pics of him and can you get some posted of Pikabu as well Thanks Michelle

Love, Peace &
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I am glad everything went well...... for the bunny that is....not sure the Prairie dog would feel the same!!!! :laughing:
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