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Guess what I did today?

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I bought myself a little 5 gal. fish aquarium! I'm putting 3 fan fin tetra's and 6 neons in it. They should keep the kitties entertained! I'll take pictures of it when I get it all settled. I got pastel colored gravel (pink, blue, yellow & green) and pastel pearlized plants to go in it. And a "broken jar" that is kind of pastel colors too. It's pretty cool! When I lived in Michigan I had a 150 gal salt water marine tank. Loved it! But I sold it because I figured it wouldn't travel well.
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That's awesome Tammie! I can't wait to see your crews reactions to the new fish! Get that camera ready...
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Your baby's are going to love it . I sure cant wait to see when you got it all set up and working and also to hear how your kitties react
I had a 100 gal fish tank with fresh water fish before and all my cats loved it very much . We brought it from germany over here . But about 2 years ago it started leaking and after 3 repairs with no succes we endet up and through it out . I still miss my aquarium very much . But we have talked about getting one again , but this time with salt water fish .
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Too cute!
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Now they have TV all the time

your fish tank looks great and even better with your cutie pie
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That should keep them entertained Great pictures.
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I love your "cat TV"! What a great source of entertainment for Peaches.
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I agree! I'm betting Hallie finds it next! I'm going to move it to a large antique trunk under the living room window sometime. That way the kitties will have more room to sit on the trunk and watch!
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I have a fishtank, too, with one goldfish. When we first got Lily, she was a little interested in whatever that was moving in there, but she just ignores it now. Princess was never that interested in it either. When I had a little bowl, I would put it on the floor in front of Princess, and Princess would kind of watch it for a minute and then get bored. I don't think she realized that it was potential food. Either that, or she just didn't want to go through the bother of getting her paws wet!

Enjoy your fishies!
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Hey that's great Tamme I know your crew will love watching the fisheys. My boys love to watch my tank but the one thing with mine is I have Cichlids and one is really aggressive when you get close to the glass.

Oscar gets a kick out of making him charge at the glass Oscar is so bad
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Hallie and Jake loved the fish tank here. For some reason they loved drinking from it more than chasing or watching the fish.
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Kittys so happy. Meowmy so nice to get us entertainment.
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They can't drink from it here! It has two tops on it. The inner one is a clear plastic one and then the outer hood with the light. So I tricked them!

Jake keeps trying to jump up there to see the fish but he's too big. Jake is just over 12 lbs now (He was 9 something when he first came here). I hope I'm not feeding him TOO well! Actually he's perfect. He looks a lot bigger because of all his fur. It's kind of strange because he doesn't look like he got fatter, he looks like he actually grew. Is he still growing age? I am going to move the tank when I rearrange my living room so they can watch it easier.

Hallie plays with everything including swatting at the fish from outside the tank. Yep! She found them. She is a little holy terror sometimes and teases the two shy cats. It's hillarious. I love to watch her chase Carmella and then pounce on her back.

Ok... got off my own topic here! Sorry folks!
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Great pictures! Congrats on the new fish tank.
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Mzjazz , Jake looks big to me and not fat at all . I also think he looks purrfectly well too
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Cool fish tank!! Kitties will love it!
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Oh that is just too cute! Haha! That should keep all of them entertained. Until they try to figure out just how to get those fishys out of there.
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HeeHee...I also had an oscar once upon a time that would charge the glass...mean little suckers they can be LOL
anyway i love your new little 5 son has been asking me for one in his room...maybe we can get one to entertain the cats
We have a 55 gallon with Fancy goldfish in the basement...Nico likes it
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