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Bad Joey strikes again!

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As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I heard a loud crash. Sure enough, Joey had gotten it into his head to whip up on top of the grandfather's clock again!

This time, I caught him on film.....

Mode of entry....from the entertainment center

And there he is.....

Obviously quite pleased with himself

This cat is sooo bad, I can't even tell you.
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LOL Deb! Maybe you need a really really really really tall cat post!
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OMG, he really does look pleased with himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the look on his face, he is so cute!

Nice clock by the way.
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OMG Deb! Joey is REALLY pleased with himself! LOL
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Nice clock by the way.
It's actually an antique, handmade by my great, great grandfather in Wales. I inherited it from my father.
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A friend of mine has a clock that looks almost exactly the same. I love that sort of thing.
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The other really funny part is that while he was up there, Squirt came walking into the room and looked up. I swear he did a double take when he saw his bad brother up there. I wish I had a video of that. It was hilarious! You could almost see his eyes get wide with amazement. LMAO!
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Is he still up there, or did you call the fire department to come get him down? LMAO! I love this cat!
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No, but I had to get on a stool again and hold up his kitty couch so he could get down. What possesses him, I'll never know.
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Well I would just leave him up there. Put a pillow up there to make him comfy
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OMG! very cute picture. Maybe he is waiting for the clock to change for "feed me time"
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oooo i would give mt left arm for that clock...antique fanatic
joey...shame shame LOL
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It used to be in the front hallway of our house when I was growing up. I was in charge of making sure it stayed wound. I love it, too.
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We had a cuckoo clock- had being the operative word- the cuckoo became a casuality when Stryker decided he wanted lunch! LOL
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OMG how funny

Have you also notice his big grint on his face . He is so cute up there .
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Aww... I guess Joey wanted to stop time
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Awesome pictures!!! I especially like the last one. Joey knew you weren't pleased with his behavior, and I think it really shows in his face that he could've cared less!!!!

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OMG...that is TOO much! My burning question for you is....How in the world did he get up there? That's quite a jump from the floor!
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See the first picture. He gets on the entertainment center. Then, from the disruption I hear and the mess up there I see, it's my guess that he goes on top of the one stereo speaker and jumps from there. Both times this has happened, the speaker is moved, and other stuff up there is knocked over.
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LMAO.....priceless pics
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That's the purrfect place for a kitty to relax! Very cute!
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OMG! He looked so happy and relaxed up there!!
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Thanks for the early morning smile Deb. Just looking at the comical face made me laugh!
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Cats do indeed find the weirdest places to lay down. So cute!!!!!!!1
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omg how cute!! That is sooooo high up!! Naughty boy
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Oh my gosh! Haha that is too cute!


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that grin reminds me alittle of the chesire cat from alice in wonderland
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Awww, nothing like a bad kitty hehehe
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