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Ooooh! I got bargains!

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"Business casual" is the usual dress code, where I work. Unfortunately, most of my coworkers have NO idea of what this means. Holey jeans, unlaced high-top sneakers and pants big enough to raise a family in are the most common sights. As a rule, I wear khakis, dress pants, skirts and nice tops. Since it can get a bit chilly, I frequently wear a blazer. I have decided to buck the trend toward sloppiness and have been shopping for nicer work clothes.

Last week, I went to Old Pueblo Traders, for a navy blue blazer. While there, I checked out their sale racks. I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous purple suit ($30) and a beautiful appliqued red suit ($9.99). These were both $100+ suits. Can I find a bargain, or what?

OPT is primarily a mail-order business but, they have a couple of stores, here. They are one of the few places that carry size 14+ clothes that don't look like something that Ringling Brothers could put on a show in. Some time back, I posted the link, to their Web catalog, for those who were looking for pretty full-figure bras. I'll have to look for it again. Right now, they are having a big sale. All dresses are $9.99 to $39.99 and this is not cheap, tacky stuff!

They also have wonderful shoes and boots. I was particularly attacted to a pair of lilac beaded and sequined sneakers. Maybe, next payday!
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Oops. Forgot to post the link:

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Wow, great bargains Cindy! I'll have to take a look at their mail order service. I agree with you about plus sizes....some stores apparently think that if you are above a size 12 you can't possibly wear anything but lounge wear, and actual business clothes? Forget it!
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Their evening wear and faux fur coats are gorgeous, too. I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need an ankle-length burgundy velvet coat. It is SO pretty, though!
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Another mail order clothing site with clothes higher then 12+. Only for residents of the US though.
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