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Hi Everyone!

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Well, I have been traveling through the World Wide Web and found this place, and it seems a laid back, relaxed place So I better stay here.

Well, my name is VÃ:censor:ctor and I am from Puerto Rico, as you can imagine we consider 60 °F freezing. I live in the city of Caguas (population: 142,000) which lies in a valley in the Central Mountain Range just south of San Juan. I am 14 years old, btw.

I am owned by four kitties, let me start with them,

The first one is Tom, who I found in a parking lot in the coastal town of Fajardo and I started crying that I wanted her and my parents caved in. It was May 21, 1996.

The second was Saladina, who appeared in early 2003 by the garage of my house and I left her food at the garage, she fell in love with me and made a hole in the screen door to get in. The next time she got out was to have her spayed. She is very small and fat, so she looks like a roll of mortadella.

The third case is Moab who is Saladina's brother. He came with a very strong sickness of the skin, which in Spanish is called "Sarna" but I do not know its English name. We managed to capture him and take it to the vet, he is now a gorgeous DSH but due to a scar of an old ulcer is blind in one eye. Sometimes I doubt how much he sees on the other eye, for sometimes he bumps into things.

The last, but not least is Planeta, who came in August 28, 2003 into the garage meowing and had a gashing wound in the right hind leg, with a broken bone sticking out. She has now recovered after taking her to the vet.

I look forward to talking with all of you, and I think I will like this place. :-)

My photos are here: photos.yahoo.com/victorherminio
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Welcome to the board! What an angel you are for helping all those kitties in need! I'm sure you will love it here!
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Welcome to the site Victor! Your kitties sound just wonderful, and very lucky that they came into your life.
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Welcome to TCS, you can make many new friends and alwasy ask for help dealing with anything. You can always trust we love our kitties as much as you love yours!
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Welcome to TCS Can't wait to see some pics of your kitties, I'm so glad you rescued them
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Here are the picks of my kitties, except Planeta: photos.yahoo.com/victorherminio

My photos are also there.
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Hello and welcome Good on you for resucing those kitties - they sure knew where to go for help
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Hi Victor, and welcome to you and your babies

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WELOCOME TO THE TCS.... :flash: this is a great place to be...
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Welcome to TCS
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Hi Yoviher, Welcome to TCS. I'm 14 in March. Look forward to getting to know you and your cats.
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Thanks everyone! But I am afraid I have not told you people the whole truth about my meanderings through the Web.

I used to attend another cat forum which was created by a group of people who were at the Forum of Cat Fancy Magazine and when the admin started getting overzealous and not allowing disussions about politics they created a new forum for themselves.

It was a very nice and beautiful forum, and very active and relaxing. It lasted for a few months. Unfortunately the place has grown sour, the admin had been havign rivalries with other members, and even grew a dislike of me... with the only reason I have managed to figure out why she disliked me like that being that we were usually opposite poles on politics (me on the liberal side, she a mix of libertarian and republican).

When a small misunderstanding occured between the two of us which could have easily been solved peacefully (Previous and bigger misunderstandings between other people had been solved peacefully, and I often went as peacemaker) she banned me outright. When I emailed the members who could talk some sense into her they all backstabbed me. Having been banned on no grounds at all, and being so betrayed by the people I had thought of as people to trust I rode off into the sunset to find this place.

And you know what? I like this place better! Much better. And the memory of that forum, althought less than a week away looks so distant.

VÃ:censor:ctor is here and is here to stay.

I had helped a bit with my two cents when that forum was created, so I know a lot about forum making and moderating... If in the future you people need a moderator, I already have some experience.
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Victor you must be 18, Sorry.

Glad you have joined us here, it's basically a flame free site and everyones lovely.
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Aawwwww... may I ask why is that of 18? Can a forged birth certificate help?

Kidding... anyway, thanks for the heads up on describing the place... although I already seem to have figured it out.
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