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New and Need help Fast

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Hello, I am new to this so please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong area. I live in a not so pet friendly town in Pa and for the last few years have noticed they Stray/Feral population really increase. The small town I live in is surounded by mounds of coal and many people just drop off unwanted animals, mainly Cats and kittens. However we have found a few hamsters and a ferret once. During the spring and summer we have seen many kittens born. And momma cats go right back into heat and just leave the kittens. So we bottle feed them and then. Try to find them homes. Sometimes just to have the kitten end up being dropped off a year later. Well, my problem is. Because we feed them. Our Boro said that makes them our cats. (what are we to do let them starv) Some have become friendly while others have just started to come around and rub through our feet. They have never caused any damage to my knowledge. But kept the mine rats away.
The Boro has now said that if we don't catch the cats and remove them. Then they will dispose of them and send me the bill. We have tried to get 3 cats a year UTD on shots Tested for FIV/FLV and Altered
However at 150 dollars plus in our area for this to do the amount of cats that we care for in a short time is way out of our means. I can't see killing these babies. We haven't heard if they are going to do this in the city. We also feed cats there as well. Or what?? We have a place for them to go, my friends Mother and Grandmother have been feeding country cats for many years. And even have dog igloos for them when the temps drop. They live in the country and neighbors are fine with the cats. Another farmer also said that he would take in some too. My problem is who to turn to for help to get them Altered. We have given them odorless garlic gels to help keep fleas off them and other herbs to help keep them healthy. It has worked. They trust me and I know I can handle atleast 7 of them who are only around 6 or so months. One big old black cat I call Boo will even come into my house if a window is open he also uses a little box so do some of the others. I leave boxes out in my yard to kinda see if they will use them. I Don't know were to start or what to do. I know Kitty season is right around the corner. Please someone help me. No one knows of low cost altering around my area. I am willing to travel.
People think I am crazy because I act like they are pets. To me they are more thenjust cats. Someone just dropped them off and never thought twice. That in my book is wrong. I won't let anyone hurt them. I think they have been through enough. Oh and we are talking maybe 20 cats not like they make it out to be. and it is 9 cats in my area that feed at my house. But I am sure more are just around the corner. And the one boro women has 2 unspayed females that she leaves run. And then never looks for kittens after they have them. Neighbor hood kids bring them to me and we bottle feed them til we can get them to the vet and then find homes. There is so much more I could tell you but we would be here forever. Can someone point me in a direction. And could we have fund raising for the vet care of them? Or is that illegal? Thank you for your help.
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Hi Jennifer,

Sadly your story is not unique and I see it played out time and time again all over the United States. Usually the people who spearhead the campaigns to "rid themselves" of such "vermin" are ignorant in the ways of a managed feral colony and are giving in to pressure from the public to do something about this nuisance!

What you can do is contact these people and ask them for help:PA Animal Appeal Hopefully they have members near you that can help you trap these cats and resources to get them spayed and neutered for a donation before Kitten Season hits.

Another thing to do is use PR to help you. Take photographs of the cats, write up a story about them, show people the way they live and then just flood your newspapers all over the state with your story. It is so easy to do with the Internet to get your story out there, and although you will reach cat-haters, there is a chance you will also reach other animal and cat loving reporters and they will run with your story. Call it the Coal Mountain Kitties or something catchy and see if that works.

I am sorry your borough is so ignorant on this issue. Education is the key to bringing this to a resolved state. I wish you the best!
Also check out Stray Pet Advocacy there is a lot of help on those pages as well.


That website is run and was set up by some of our members,and there is a ton of resources there!
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Thank you so much for your help. Not to mention pointing me
in the right direction. I know that once these babies go to
a new safer home. People will be right back to the drop off.
My Mom is looking into buying land so that I can move from this
Boro. And then take the kitties and drop offs with me. But wait
and see what happens when the cats are gone. These mines have been
shut down for many years and my Mom who grew up in the house I live
in now said the rats are huge and mean. I hope that these people learn a lesson. But we all know they won't they are to busy keeping up with the Jones. What I don't understand is those making the biggest fuss also have little dogs. They have now out lawed larger breeds in my area such as Rottys/pitts/labs/greatdanes/mastiffs/and even beagles. I think this is getting sad now. I mean I have 2 Altered dogs myself both of whom I found running free in our area
and they are lab mixes and a chow mix who looks like a mini rotty. Boy did that go over big. Others are upset as well but it is like
if you don't have the money these others have no one listens. Many familys have just up and left. While others are fighting. I don't livein a rich area. OR even a middle class. We are lower middle class
and many are young families or elderly. The people in there 40-60s are making a big deal out of nothing. They have tried to poison dogs and cats. Even gave threats to those who speak out against them. We thank you so very uch for your help
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Bravo to you for working so hard to help the animals where you live. Your community sure doesn't sound like a very enlightened area!

I just read that the Pennsylvania Legislature just passed a law recognizing that Trap/Neuter/Return programs are the only effective means of controlling the feral population. Perhaps the officials in you community need to hear what their state legislature has to say about this!

In addition to the wonderful links Hissy gave you. Please go to the Alley Cat Allies web site http://www.alleycat.org for lots of information on TNR programs and info on helping feral cats.

Good luck and keep us updated on how things are going.
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Jennifer...I know it is an uphill battle when it comes to people dumping unfixed cats...but your compassion is commendable. Every person I see who posts about cats and wanting help I am incredibly grateful for...you are not only saving lives..but your actions may turn around the beliefs of those in your community. Keep up the good work.


P.S. Another avenue to try is to contact the Best Friends Network. They are a network of animal lovers from across the nation.

Best Friends Network at (435) 644-2001 ext 123, or e-mail them at bfnetwork@bestfriends.org
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Jennifer - we'll try to track down the PA legislation for you, I'm sure that will help. Also, feel free as Mary Anne already indicated, to use any of the information available on Stray Pet Advocacy. If you'd like, we can help put together materials for you to make an appeal to your borough, but please contact us through admin@straypetadvocacy.org to discuss those alternatives.

Regarding the spay/neuter situation - I'm unclear as to how many of the animals are spayed or neutered - any of them? If you can't find the help you need after contacting the organizations already provided by other members in these replies, please post an update here and we'll see what else we can find.

Please keep us posted about the fate of these cats! And if you need or want help writing something for the local papers, please either e-mail me or send me a private message through TCS.

You are an angel for doing what you can to help these kitties - and certainly none of us think you're crazy for thinking of them as your pets. We are certainly closer to our inside cats, but we love the outside ferals we care for no less.

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Jennifer - what Town/County do you live in? That'll help us pull materials together for you.


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Hi everyone! I now have a place to take the kitties. I talked
to a farmer who has a whole barn it's self for cats. He said
after I bring them he locks them in the barn for a week and feeds
them everyday at the same time. So they know that this will now be there home. And they shouldn't try to find there way back. The farmer
at the top of our hill were I live, put out a notice to Area farmers. And he called to let us know that he would be willing to help us. We took 4 cats that we already had altered up on Sat. Thank goodness because the weather got really bad last night. I am calling today the numbers I have found and you all have given me. I already e mailed them. We don't want the cats to come back. On Saturday morning he found a cat that had a hole in her side, like someone shot her. He brought her down to my house and we took her to the vet, The vet said she was shot with a bee bee gun. She is now at my house. He said she should be ok aslong we keep it clean. He removed the Bee bee and said he would contact the Humane Soc. We asked him not to contact our county but the next county. Since we think they would do something about it. Our area is split up real weird we have 5 streets and upper and lower. Now what we are worried about is the others kitties.
I am just happy we have some place to take them. That they will live long happy lives. Now I just need to get the help to Alter them. Thank you all for your help, and Please please keep these kitties in your prayers. We are also thinking about posting at the drop off sites. That they can bring the animals to the farm close to there or to my house. No questions asked. That way no more harm or anymore kitties get born. Do you think this is smart?
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Jennifer...as long as there is a way for you to know which have been altered and which haven't been...I think your idea is a GREAT one. As far as raising funds go...surely there are others out there who care greatly for cats. Once when I was at PetSmart there was a woman who was selling baked goods in order to raise funds for spay/neuter..she also had a tip jar and information on her program. Something like that helps...1. you to raise funds 2. the community to help you and raise awareness of the "dumping problem" 3. possibly gets you in touch with other farmers or people willing to help out.

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Barns are always a great solution for feral cats. It sounds like this is an educated farm owner, but many of them require education themselves. For some reason they can care for cows, pigs, chickens, sheep or horses - but cats are often treated like the mice they're there to eat. I agree with Katie that the effort should be co-ordinated with ear-tipping or something to indicate the cats that have been spayed/neutered. We all think that each cat is completely individual and we'll know. But others won't - and mistaken identities have happened. After a year, you just can't be sure if that's "Ooogley Eyes" - or the identical brother of Oooogley that you've never seen before and didn't know existed.

I think posting at the drop sites is a fabulous idea, and talk to your local pet shops and animal feed stores - perhaps create a flyer that can be photocopied and folded up and put out with those jars to raise money.... ????

Get creative with it and go for it!!!!

What wonderful news!!!!!!!!!!!
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I would caution you about leaving a note with your address and telling people that they can drop them off there. You are opening yourself up for some unpleasantness by doing this. Cat Haters will target you and you may find yourself overwhelmed by their rage. Keep doing what you are doing or post an alternate location (someplace safe) where the cats can be dropped off and it is no where near your home or the barn that is now safe for them.

You are a blessing to these cats- good luck with your mission!
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